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August 17, 2023

Armature testing - AIP

The armature structure is mainly composed of the commutator, iron core, winding, and armature shaft, which is very important for the motor. It is the key component in the process of the motor realizing the mutual conversion of mechanical energy and electric energy, so the quality of the armature is One of the factors affecting the quality of the motor.


In the actual production process of the armature, problems such as virtual welding, short circuit, and open circuit will occur due to various reasons, resulting in defective armature rotors. If these defective products are mixed with qualified products, it will cause motor defects and other problems during the application process. A series of problems affect the reputation of motor manufacturers.


For armature testing, AIP has mature testing technology and develops and produces customized test equipment for customers. AIP armature tester has the following advantages:

1. Adapt to a variety of armature rotors, one for multiple, reducing equipment costs.

There are many types of armature rotors, but their structures are composed of commutator plates, iron cores, and windings, so the test items are similar. A single armature tester is equipped with a variety of armature chuck tooling, and the main engine background adjustment test items are The lower limit can meet the test requirements of different types of armature rotors and reduce the cost of equipment purchase;

2. Simple operation.

The test method of the armature rotor test equipment is simple, the manual placement operation of the armature and the automatic test process of the equipment can be controlled within 6s, which greatly improves the test efficiency;

3. Power-on self-inspection and remote maintenance.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the daily motor test, all armature rotor test equipment has a built-in power-on self-inspection program. Every time the equipment is turned on, it will automatically check whether it is normal. If there is a problem, remote troubleshooting, and update can be carried out. Each functional module operates independently and works independently It is not affected by other functions, ensuring the normal daily work to a great extent without delaying shipments.

4. Support data sharing and reduce after-sales investigation time.

The armature tester and the Internet Unicom can be connected to the MES system at the same time, and the time data can be shared interactively. The test data can be uploaded to the server and stored by date. It is convenient to query the test data and troubleshoot product problems when there are subsequent after-sales problems.

AIP armature tester

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