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August 17, 2023

Surge testing - AIP

The stator is one of the important parts of the motor, which contains the winding and iron core in the motor. During the manufacturing process, if the stator has defects or bad characteristics, it may cause problems such as unstable operation of the motor, low efficiency, and loud noise. Therefore, performance testing of the motor stator is required during the production process. These tests can help determine if the motor stator is meeting design specifications and can detect any potential problems or defects in a timely manner.

Motor structure

When the motor is in normal operation, it is necessary to ensure the insulation performance between each coil. Because the insulation performance between coils is one of the key factors affecting the normal operation of electrical equipment. If there is a problem with the insulation performance between the coils, it may cause a short circuit of the equipment, a fire, and other safety accidents. Therefore, the surge test is very important to work in the process of motor manufacturing and maintenance.

Motor stator surge test

The surge test is also known as the inter-coil insulation test, which is mainly to determine the motor surge, inter-layer short circuit, poor insulation, excessive turn number, etc., to detect whether the insulation performance between coils meets the requirements.

AIP has been focusing on motor testing for many years. At present, it has mature motor stator surge test technology and has customized the production of surge testers for customers. The equipment has the characteristics of intelligence, simple operation, and multi-language settings. At present, the AIP surge tester is able to test various coils, motors, stator winding, relay/contactor coils, electric magnetic valve coil, etc., and can be applied for maintenance, production line, lab, QC, etc. 

AIP surge tester

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