AIP small appliance motor test solutions help customers solve small appliance motor testing problems.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for small appliance motor. and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

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Small Appliance Motor Test Solutions

Small appliances are small household appliances such as soy milk makers, wall breakers, cooking machines, smoothie makers, juicers, meat grinders, egg beaters, coffee makers, etc. Their motor types are mainly brushed, and the motors are divided into excitation type and permanent magnet type according to the structure.

AIP has a full range of customized small appliance motor testing solutions, including.

Ⅰ.Armature rotor test solution.

Ⅱ.Motor stator test solution.

Ⅲ.Complete motor test solution.

Ⅳ.Dynamometer tester

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The armature rotor is the core component of a small appliance motor, AIP's armature rotor tester can accurately test armature welding, dummy welding, etc., and at the same time, it will be shown visually in a graphical way to automatically detect whether the order of armature winding hooks is accurate, and accurately point out the number of wrong pieces hung clockwise or counterclockwise.

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  • What is Small Appliance Motor Test Solution?

    Small home appliance motor testing solution is a testing solution specialized in small home appliance motors, which can test and evaluate each component of the motor to ensure the quality and performance of the motor. Small home appliance motors mainly include brush motors and brushless DC motors, which are widely used in small household devices such as soymilk machines, wall breakers, cooking machines, juicers, meat grinders, egg beaters, coffee makers, and so on.

  • How to choose the right small appliance motor test equipment?

    The following aspects need to be considered when choosing the right motor test equipment for small home appliances:

    Test purpose: according to the purpose of the test, choose the corresponding test items and parameters, for example, if you want to test the performance of the motor, you can choose the power tester; if you want to test the safety of the motor, you can choose the safety tester, etc.

    Test object: according to the type of test object, select the corresponding test equipment, for example, if you want to test the stator of the motor, you can choose the stator tester; if you want to test the rotor of the motor, you can choose the rotor tester and so on.

    Test scale: according to the scale of the test, select the appropriate test equipment, for example, if you want to carry out a large number of tests, you can choose automated or semi-automated test equipment;

    Test cost: according to the budget of the test, choose the corresponding test equipment, for example, if you want to save costs, you can choose simple functions or general test equipment; if you want to improve efficiency or accuracy, you can choose complex functions or specialized test equipment, etc.

  • What are the advantages of small appliance motor testing solutions?

    Small appliance motor testing solution has several advantages:

    ■ It can improve the quality and performance of small home appliance motors, reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs, and extend the service life.

    ■ Can meet the testing needs of different types and specifications of small appliance motors, providing customized and specialized testing solutions.

    ■ Can achieve fast and accurate test results, providing visual and graphical data analysis and reports.

    ■ It can save labor and material resources and improve productivity and competitiveness.

  • What does a small appliance motor testing solution include?

    Small appliance motor testing solutions include the following:

    ■ Rotor (or known as commutator) test solutions: can be welded, false welding, short circuit, open circuit, unbalance, asymmetry, and other fault detection of the rotor, and graphically show whether the rotor winding hook sequence is correct and point out the number of wrong hooks and their direction.

    ■ Stator (or known as coil) testing solutions: can be stator insulation, cross withstand, straight withstand, turn-to-turn short-circuit, turn-to-turn open-circuit, turn-to-turn unbalance and other fault detection, and through the sound and light alarm prompted by the substandard products.

    ■ Motor testing solutions: complete motors can be started, no-load, load, blocking, overload, and another performance testing, and measurement of output power, efficiency, speed, torque, temperature rise, and other parameters, and through the curve, graph to show the trend of performance changes.

    ■ Power (or known as power) testing solutions: you can conduct power testing of motors, measure the input voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, and other parameters of the motor, and display and record the data through the instrument.

  • What aspects of performance can a small appliance motor testing solution improve?

    Small home appliance motor testing solutions can improve the following aspects of performance:

    ■ It can improve the operational stability and reliability of the motor, reduce the probability and frequency of failure, and ensure the normal operation of the motor.

    ■ It can improve the output effect and use effect of the motor, increase the output power and efficiency of the motor, reduce the noise and vibration of the motor, and enhance user satisfaction.

    ■ It can improve the energy-saving and environmental protection performance of the motor, reduce the energy consumption and loss of the motor, lower the temperature rise and heat of the motor, and reduce the pollution and impact on the environment.

Test Solutions
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