How do you use an armature tester?

AIP shares with you the" How do you use an armature tester?".

August 15, 2023

How do you use an armature tester?

The armature tester is a precision test equipment, mainly used for the performance test of the armature rotor, it can measure various performance parameters of the armature, such as welding resistance,bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, AC hipot , Insulation resistance, and surge. The measurement of these parameters allows us to discover the problems of the armature in time, so as to ensure the quality of the armature.

Let's take the AIP armature tester as an example to understand how to use the armature tester.

AIP armature tester

(In order to meet the test requirements of different types of products, the system appearance and the number of test tools may be slightly different, please refer to the actual product)

Ⅰ.The process of using the armature tester

① Connect to the power supply, connect the gas pipe

Connecting the power supply and connecting the air pipe is an important part of the use of the armature tester to start the armature test link. Turn on the host switch of the device, and log in with the account and password (the account and password will be informed by the engineer).


AIP armature tester    AIP armature tester    AIP armature tester

②Set measurement range

    Find qualified armature samples for data collection, and set the qualified measurement range of the armature according to the standard.

AIP armature tester test interface        AIP armature tester test interface        AIP armature tester test interface


After the above steps are completed, the armature test can be carried out, and the sliding cover is manually pulled for testing.

AIP armature tester      AIP armature tester test interface

④Analyzing test results

After the test process is over, the armature tester will output the results. These parameters can allow us to find out whether the armature is qualified in time, so as to ensure the quality of the armature before leaving the factory.

Ⅱ.Precautions for using an armature tester

①Read the instruction manual of the armature tester.

using the test equipment, carefully read the tester's manual and safety tips, and ensure that the user has relevant electrical knowledge and safety awareness.

②Confirm before connecting the armature tester

Before connecting the armature tester to electricity, please carefully check the connection between the armature tester and the armature rotor, and ensure that the circuit is connected correctly to avoid short circuits and other safety accidents.

③ Pay attention to the test result display of the armature tester

During the armature test process, pay attention to observing the armature operating status and parameter changes, and record the data in time for subsequent analysis and processing.

④ At the end of the test of the armature tester, please close it in time

After the armature test is completed, the test program and power supply should be turned off in time, and the test armature should be disassembled to avoid the equipment being in working condition for a long time and affecting the life of the equipment. After the tester is turned off, please keep the instrument clean and dry, and perform regular maintenance and maintenance to avoid failure and damage.

Application site of AIP armature tester

AIP armature tester is suitable for online or offline detection of various armature electrical properties, such as power tool motors, garden tools, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motors, automobile motors, fitness equipment motors, permanent magnet micro motors, etc. Armature with special technology such as double insulation, automatic identification of faults such as solder joints, winding short circuits, open circuit, wrong winding, poor welding, etc., the armature can be placed arbitrarily, automatically and accurately sorted, and automatically track faulty solder joints; buttons, remote control, sliding cover three It can automatically count the data such as the number of tests and the number of defectives, which is convenient for quality management and analysis.

In short, the AIP armature tester is a very practical armature electrical performance testing equipment, which has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, and strong reliability. It can help us find motor problems in time, so as to quickly solve them. For more armature test content, please call us: at +532-87973318 or email, we will answer for you free of charge.