AIP electric vehicle motor testing solutions to help customers solve electric vehicle motor testing problems.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for electric vehicle drive motors and auxiliary motors, and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

Test Solutions

Electric Vehicle Motor Test Solutions

Electric vehicle motor includes two types of motor: automobile driving motor, automobile auxiliary motor (including nearly 100 kinds of motors such as oil pump motor and seat motor). The characteristics of different types of motors are quite different, so the test solution needs to be customized. The aim of AIP is to detect all kinds of bad problems of motor and to improve the quality of motor.

AIP entered into the motor industry of electric vehicle and deeply studied all kinds of motor testing technologies in 2014,  AIP provides motor testing equipment for vehicle/parts for ZF (ZF), Magna, BWA, Nidec, Volkswagen and other Fortune 500 enterprises in the world.

AIP has a series of mature electric vehicle motor testing solutions.

Ⅰ.The driving motor of electric vehicle is divided into AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.  And it’s test solution includes: motor stator test, motor PD test, motor vacuum test, die-cast rotor test (AC asynchronous motor), complete motor test , and electric dynamometer test.

Ⅱ.The electric automobile auxiliary motor is divided into brush motor and brushless motor.

Brush motor test solution includes:  motor stator test, armature rotor test, complete motor test (no-load/loaded)

Brushless motor test solution includes:  motor stator test, permanent magnet rotor test, complete motor test (no-load/loaded, back electromotive force, etc.)

AIP as an international enterprise in the field of motor tester manufacture for new energy vehicles, has developed a series of new testing technologies through continuous investment.

1. Single-point damage technology: This technology replaces the traditional salt water test method, and has the characteristics of rapid and non-destructive testing of motors. It introduces the quality testing method that can only be carried out in the laboratory into the production line, reducing the production cost of enterprises. The technology is widely used in the compressor industry of new energy vehicles, At present, AIP has established long-term cooperation with many multinational enterprises.

2. Vertical line technology: regardless of whether the wire is damaged or not, this technology can effectively detect the problem of wire contact lamination 

3. Large-capacity surge technology: This technology upgrades traditional surge testing technology for high-power drive motor testing of new energy vehicles. The tester adopts military-grade electronic components and upgrades oversized surge capacity, which solves the problem of low surge capacity of high-power motor.

4. Die-cast rotor test technology: AIP deeply studied the characteristics of AC asynchronous motor driven by new energy vehicles and issued a series of test solutions, which solved problems such as poor cast aluminum rotor and helped enterprises improve the quality of motor production.

AIP research motor characteristics and production process, to help customers choose the right motor test solutions, improve customer motor production quality and enterprise brand competitiveness. AIP adhere the business philosophy of excellence and create maximum value for customers.

  • How do you test an EV motor?

    You can contact AIP, AIP has a series of mature electric vehicle motor test solutions, mainly including coil-point damage test technology, AC/DC hi-pot & insulation test technology, surge test technology, die-cast rotor test technology, AIP studies the characteristics and production processes to help customers choose the right electric motor test solutions to improve the quality of production and the competitiveness of the corporate brand.

  • What is EV test equipment?

    EV test equipment includes tools and devices used to evaluate electric vehicles. AIP for electric vehicle motor testing equipment includes coil point damage tester, AC/DC hi-pot & insulation analyzer, surge tester, and die-cast rotor tester. These testers help assess the performance, safety, and efficiency of EVs.

  • How can I improve my EV performance?

    To enhance EV performance:

    ■ Upgrade the battery for extended range.

    ■ Optimize regenerative braking systems.

    ■ Tune the motor controller for better efficiency.

    ■ Reduce weight and improve aerodynamics.

    ■ Maintain proper tire pressure.

    ■ Regularly update software for efficiency.

  • What are the requirements of a motor used in EV?

    Motors for EVs should meet specific criteria:

    ■ High efficiency for extended range.

    ■ Compact size for space efficiency.

    ■ High power-to-weight ratio.

    ■ Durability for long-term use.

    ■ Compatibility with the vehicle's power electronics.

    ■ Low maintenance and heat management.

  • What motors are used in EV cars?

    Electric vehicle motor includes two types of motor: automobile driving motor, and automobile auxiliary motor (including nearly 100 kinds of motors such as oil pump motor and seat motor).

Test Solutions
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