AIP armature tester test items mainly include AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC winding resistance, inductance, reverse embedded wiring, and rotation.

AIP armature tester is suitable for all kinds of armature electrical performance online or offline detection, such as power tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners and other motors.


Armature tester

This tester is suitable for online or offline detection of various armature electrical properties, such as power tool motors, garden tools, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motors, automobile motors, fitness equipment motors, permanent magnet micro-motors, etc. The tooling of the tester meets the requirements of arbitrary placement of the armature, and can automatically and accurately sort/track faulty solder joints; the equipment startup methods include buttons, remote control, and sliding cover; it meets the armature test of special processes such as double insulation, and automatically identifies solder joints, winding short circuit/open circuit , winding errors, poor welding and other problems; the tester can also automatically count the number of tests, the number of defectives and other data, which is convenient for quality management analysis.

Key Features

Easy-to-operate: 10.4-inch LCD, two kinds of operation are available: touch screen and numeric key, User-friendly interface and each function come up with help document.

Easy-to-use: professional test software, User-friendly operation interface, built-in help documents, high-performance touch, and numeric keyboard as standard.

Multiple interfaces: the instrument comes with USB, LAN(can be converted to RS232, RS485, etc.)port, support TCP/IP network protocol, and PLC simulation technology, Instrument control, and expansion are quite easy.

Multiple startup models: button startup, sliding cover startup, and network startup are available.

Language support: different language options to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

Intellectualization: the system can be connected to the external through the internet port to achieve data interaction and resource sharing, meeting the requirements of the new generation of the internet.


Test items: bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance,   welding resistance,   insulation resistance,   ac hi-pot,  surge.

Welding resistance positioning: The tester accurately locates the welding spot where the welding resistance is wrong, and displays it visually with drawings.

Hook dislocation: The tester automatically detects whether the armature winding hook sequence is correct, and accurately indicates the number of wrong pieces hung clockwise or counterclockwise (this function is optional).

Power-on self-test: When the tester is powered on, it will automatically detect whether each module is normal. If there is any problem, it will automatically report an error and prompt.

AIP motor tester can be connected to the MES system, and test data can be automatically uploaded to client-server (optional).





10.4" LCD display

Number of commutator

3-128 bars available

Bar to bar resistance

Test range


Test precision

≤±(0.5%× measuring range+3 words)

Diagonal resistance

Test range


Test precision

≤±(0.5%× measuring range+3 words)

Welding resistance

Test range


Test resistance

≤±10uΩ(bar resistance≤10Ω)

(More than 5 pieces, 6 pieces of 10-wire balancing method)

Insulation resistance

Voltage range

DC 500V/1000V

Voltage precision

≤±(1.5%× setting value +3 words)

Test range


Test precision

≤±(2.5%× measuring range +3 words)

AC Hi-pot

Voltage range


Iron core and winding/shaft and winding/shaft and Iron core /Single or dual insulation armature

Voltage precision

≤±(2.5%×setting value+10V)

Breakdown current range


Breakdown current precision

≤±(2.5%×display value +3words)


Voltage range


Voltage precision

≤±2.5% display value+2.5% measuring range +3words

Waveform limited value

Minimum difference 0.1% (waveform difference)

Impulse internal setting


Sample frequency


  • How to test an armature?

    The armature is the rotating part of a DC motor or generator, consisting of a winding and a commutator. In order to test the armature, you need an armature tester provided by AIP company, AIP armature tester test items mainly include bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance,   welding resistance,   insulation resistance, ac hi-pot, and surge. AIP armature testing equipment is a customized product, according to the customer's needs to manufacture the corresponding armature testing equipment, armature tester operation steps can refer to the manual or AIP after-sales engineers remote guidance.

  • What is an armature?

    An armature is a component of an electrical machine (i.e., a motor or generator) that carries alternating current (AC). Even on a direct current (DC) motor, the armature can conduct alternating current either through a commutator (which periodically reverses the direction of current flow) or through electronic commutation (as in brushless DC motors, for example).

  • What is the price of the armature tester?

    There are many factors that affect the price of an armature tester, and they are not absolute. Armature test demand is different, armature tester price is not the same.

  • What are the armature test items?

    AIP armature tester items mainly include bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, welding resistance, insulation resistance, ac hi-pot, and surge.

  • Why should I use an armature tester?

    Using an armature tester improves the quality and reliability of your motors, reduces failures and repair costs, and increases productivity and safety.