Armature tester instructions.

AIP shares with you the" Armature tester instructions".

August 04, 2023

Armature tester instructions

The armature rotor is an important part of the motor. It is one of the tests that must be carried out before the motor leaves the factory. In order to ensure the quality of the armature at the factory, the motor manufacturer will purchase an armature tester for armature testing. The armature rotor tester is suitable for online or offline testing of various armature electrical properties and is often used for testing motor armature rotors in various industries such as vacuum cleaner motors, electric tool motors, household appliance motors, automotive motors, and other industries.

Ⅰ. Structure of armature tester

The armature tester is mainly composed of a main unit, a tooling table, and a profile frame. In order to meet the test requirements of different types of armature rotors, the shape of the armature tester and the number of test fixtures may be slightly different. The picture below shows the armature tester for vacuum cleaner motors.

AIP armature tester

Ⅱ.Test items of armature tester

The armature tester can test the resistance of the armature (insulation resistance, bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, welding resistance), AC hipot, and surge.

armature rotor

Ⅲ.The result curve analysis of the armature tester

The test result interface of the armature tester can directly display. Below is the test-qualified interface and unqualified interface of the 32-segment armature rotor.

AIP armature tester test interface

1. Unqualified commutation pieces are marked red.

In the unqualified interface, you can intuitively see which commutator segments have problems, which saves time for subsequent troubleshooting.

AIP armature tester test interface

2. Unqualified data is marked in red.

Taking the welding resistance in the picture as an example, the welding resistance data of 8 of the 32 commutator segments is abnormal, which can correspond to the red icon on the upper commutator segment to accurately confirm the wrong commutator segment.

AIP armature tester test interface

3. Resistance curve

The green curve is the resistance value of the armature rotor test, and the white curve above and below the green curve represents the set upper and lower limits of armature rotor resistance. If the test result exceeds the upper and lower limits, there is a problem with the armature rotor resistance.

AIP armature tester test interface

4. Surge curve

The DC armature rotor with 16 slots and 32 commutator segments only needs to measure 16 surge data. The figure below shows the surge data and curves.

AIP armature tester test interface

Ⅳ.Routine maintenance of armature tester

1. The armature tester should be well-ventilated, dry, free of dust, and without strong electromagnetic interference;

2. After working for a long time (24 hours), the armature tester should be powered off for more than 10 minutes to keep the tester in good working condition;

3. Ensure that the tester is safely grounded;

4. Poor contact or open circuit may occur after long-term use of the high-voltage line, test clip, and power line of the tester. Check and repair before each use to ensure that the high-voltage test line and power line are free from damage, cracks, and open circuit;

5. Please use a soft cloth and neutral detergent to clean the armature tester. Before cleaning, make sure to disconnect the power and remove the power cord; do not use thinner, benzene, and other volatile substances to clean the tester, otherwise, it will change the color of the tester case, wipe off the logo on the case, and make the LCD display blurred unclear.

Ⅴ.Troubleshooting of Armature Tester

If there is no display on the LCD screen after the armature tester is turned on, first check whether the fuse in the power socket of the tester is blown. If blown, replace the fuse.

How to replace the fuse: Use a tool to gently pull the damaged fuse out of the fuse box and reinstall the spare fuse into the power outlet box. The diagram is as follows:

AIP teach you how to replace the fuse

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