Bar-to-bar armature tester.

AIP shares with you the"Bar-to-bar armature tester.".

August 26, 2023

Bar to bar armature tester

As we all know, the armature is an important part of the motor, mainly composed of a commutator, iron core, winding, and armature shaft. The quality of the armature determines the quality of the motor. The article titled "Symptoms of a bad armature" on this website explains several phenomena that lead to armature failure. Therefore, the armature needs to conduct multiple electrical performance tests to ensure the motor quality of the hub. This article will introduce one of the armature quality tests - the armature commutator bar-to-bar resistance test.

Armature structure

The measurement of the bar-to-bar resistance of the commutator is an item that needs to be checked by the motor because the bar-to-bar resistance measurement can check and determine whether the welding of the DC motor armature winding and the motor commutator is good, whether the commutation equipment and the armature winding exist Short circuit, whether there is dirt accumulated between the reversing equipment pieces.


When the armature winding is disconnected, and welded open, surge short circuit, or the motor commutation equipment breaks or a short circuit between the plates, it will cause electromagnetic asymmetry and commutation sparks will be generated. Measuring the bar-to-bar resistance can find out whether the motor has the above faults.

Bar-to-bar resistance measurement can use AIP's armature tester, AIP customized production of motor test equipment, research and development, and production of motor test equipment according to customer needs, for the bar-to-bar resistance test of armature commutator, AIP has mature testing technology, At present, the items that AIP armature testing equipment can test include: welding resistance, bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, and surge. For the armature bar-to-bar test, the resistance test range of AIP equipment is 0.5mΩ~1000Ω, and the measurement accuracy is ≤±(0.5x range + 3 digits).

AIP armature tester can automatically identify faults such as solder joints, winding short circuit, open circuit, wrong winding, poor welding, etc., the armature can be placed arbitrarily, automatically and accurately sorted, and automatically track fault solder joints; the device has three startup methods: button, remote control, sliding cover, automatic statistics of test quantity, defective quantity, and other data, convenient for quality management analysis

AIP armature tester

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