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Dynamometer Test Solutions

We usually use some technical indicators to evaluate the quality of motor products used in our life. These indicators mainly include: input voltage, current, power, power factor, output torque, speed, and power.

If you want to know whether the technical indicators of the motor meet the requirements, you need an instrument to measure the relationship between the motor input, motor output and parameters. According to the principle of drawing the curve according to the continuous change of the motor load data, the test needs a controllable load as the motor drags the object to simulate the complete working state of the motor. However, the dynamometer is a motor performance test system developed and produced to complete these measurement needs.

The test principle of the dynamometer is to provide a load for the power output of the motor under test, absorb the mechanical energy output by the motor under test, and convert it into other forms of energy. Measure the torque, speed, and other dynamic performance parameters of the motor under test, and also measure the input voltage, current, power, power factor, and other electrical parameters, and evaluate the motor quality through data analysis.

The full-featured dynamometer developed by AIP can test single/three-phase induction motors, DC motors, brushless motors, and brushed motors. There is no dynamometer in the world that can test all motors, and each dynamometer has its fixed optimal test range. Exceeding the optimal test range will lead to deviations in test data, and in severe cases, the test equipment will be damaged.

AIP currently has three dynamometer products for customers to choose from: HD hysteresis full series, MPD magnetic powder full series, and ECD eddy current full series, various dynamometer products include air-cooled F, water-cooled W, and blower Cooling B. Each dynamometer has its advantages and limitations, so the appropriate dynamometer must be selected according to the actual test requirements. Our professional sales staff are always available to help you choose the dynamometer that best suits your actual testing needs.

  • What does the dynamometer test measure?

    A dynamometer test is a test used to measure the power, torque, and speed of a machine or system. A dynamometer test can be used to evaluate the performance, efficiency, and reliability of a machine or system, as well as to optimize and adjust it.

  • What are three types of dynamometer?

    Dynamometers can be categorized into the following three types based on how the power is measured:

    ■ Electric dynamometer tester

    ■ DC motor dynamometer tester

    ■ Single-phase/three-phase induction motor dynamometer tester

  • Is Dynamometer test accurate?

    The accuracy of a dyno test depends on a number of factors, such as the type, quality, and calibration of the dyno meter, as well as the test environment, conditions, and methodology. In general, the use of high-quality and high-precision dynamometers, and testing under constant and standardized environments and conditions, can improve the accuracy and confidence of test results

  • What is the best dynamometer?

    There is no definitive answer as to which dynamometer is the best because different types and sizes of dynamometers are suitable for different types and sizes of machines or systems. Therefore, the following aspects need to be considered when choosing the best dynamometer:

    ■ Test Objective

    ■ Test object

    ■ Test size

    ■ Test cost

  • What are the applications of dynamometer?

    There are a wide range of applications for dynamometers, including the following:

    ■ Machine building

    ■ Energy development

    ■ Healthcare

Test Solutions
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