AIP fan motor testing solutions to help customers solve fan motor testing problems.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for fan motors and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

Test Solutions

Fan Motor Test Solutions

Fans refer to floor fans, table fans, tower fans, wall-mounted fans, and other electrical appliances that accelerate air circulation. There are two types of motors: AC and brushless. Brushless motors are gradually replacing AC motors due to their energy-saving and silent features. However, due to their high cost, the current market is still dominated by AC motors.

AIP has a comprehensive fan motor testing solution, including testing various parts of AC motors and brushless motors.

AC motor testing solutions include stator testing, die-cast rotor testing, and motor testing (no-load / loaded).

The brushless motor testing solution includes stator testing, permanent magnet rotor testing, and motor testing (no-load/ loaded, etc. )

AIP does not allow any defective motors to be rolled off the production line. Therefore, AIP specializes in researching the performance of various motors and has developed technologies such as AC/DC hi-pot &insulation analyzer testing, coin point damage testing, and surge testing to increase motor quality.

The dynamometer test system is compatible with both brush motors and brushless motors, meeting the one-stop testing needs of enterprises from production test equipment to experimental equipment.

Fan motor tesre - AIP

After years of accumulation, the micromotor detection system launched by AIP has been applied in major motor companies around the world, providing professional testing technology for the hundreds of millions of motors produced every year. Motor quality is the core link to the quality of end products such as automobiles. AIP people are willing to work with you to make every motor a high-quality product. In the future, AP will continue to focus on global motor testing and make unremitting efforts to build the world brand AIP.

  • What is a Fan Motor Test Solution?

    Fan motor test solutions refer to the test equipment and methods used to test various properties and parameters of fan motors. There are two types of fan motors: AC motors and brushless motors.

  • How to test a fan motor with fan motor tester?

    The AIP fan motor tester operation procedure is as follows:

    1. Connect to the power supply, connect the gas pipe

    Connecting the power supply and connecting the air pipe is an important part of the use of the armature tester to start the armature test link. Turn on the host switch of the device, and log in with the account and password (the account and password will be informed by the engineer)

    2. Set measurement range

    Find qualified armature samples for data collection, and set the qualified measurement range of the armature according to the standard.

    3. test

    After the above steps are completed, the armature test can be carried out, and the sliding cover is manually pulled for testing.

    4. Analyzing test results

    After the test process is over, the armature tester will output the results. These parameters can allow us to find out whether the armature is qualified in time, so as to ensure the quality of the armature before leaving the factory.

  • How to choose the right fan motor testing solution?

    The following factors should be considered when choosing a fan motor testing solution:

    ■ The type, size, and number of motors.

    ■ Purpose, requirements, and standards of the test.

    ■ The environment, conditions, and safety of the test.

    ■ Efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of the test.

    ■ The cost, benefits, and return on investment of the test

  • Which companies provide quality fan motor testing solutions?

    We recommend a reputed manufacturer of fan motor test equipment - AIP, AIP is a leading global provider of motor test solutions, specializing in test equipment and technology for all types of AC motors and brushless motors.

  • What are the common failures of fan motors?

    The following are common failures of fan motors:

    ■ The motor does not rotate

    ■ motor speed is too low

    ■ motor noise is too large

    ■ motor temperature rise is too high

    ■Motor vibration is too large