AIP electric bike motor test solutions to help customers solve electric bike motor testing problems.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for electric bike motors, and produces customized hub motor testers according to customer requirements.

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Electric Bike Motor Test Solutions

Electric bicycles refer to two-wheeled vehicles that use hub motors, such as electric bicycles, balance cars, scooters, etc. The biggest feature of the hub motor is that the power device and the transmission device are integrated into the hub, unlike the automobile motor that requires the transmission device to drive, so the mechanical part of the electric vehicle is greatly simplified.

There are two types of hub motors: brushless and brushed. At present, brushless motors are the main ones, and brushed motors are only used in some low-end electric bicycles.

AIP has a complete electric bicycle hub motor test solution: hub motor stator test, which can effectively solve the problem of wrong wiring of the motor; brushless hub complete motor test items include back EMF, Hall characteristics, phase difference, etc. Customized chemical equipment design, simple operation and accurate test results.

Motor stator test items: AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, DC winding resistance, inductance, surge, MAG, rotation,

With Hall sensormotor tests: Hall phase angle, phase sequence and phase difference.

Hub motor test items: AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, DC resistance, inductance, surge, back electromotive force, Hall characteristic, phase difference.

As an international company, AIP aims to solve practical problems in motor production and provides customers with customized testing solutions combined with motors and production processes to help companies enhance their competitiveness and brand influence.


  • How do you test an ebike motor?

    To test an e-bike motor, follow these steps:

    Check for loose connections and inspect the motor for damage.

    Use AIP's E-bike motor tester to measure the motor's electric performance.

    Test the motor's functionality by turning the bike on and observing its performance.

    Listen for unusual noises, and ensure that the motor runs smoothly.

  • What is the problem with the hub motor on electric bikes?

    The hub motor on electric bikes is generally reliable, but common issues can include:

    Added weight, affecting balance.

    Limited torque, which can be less suitable for steep inclines.

    Reduced handling and more complex maintenance if repairs are needed.

  • How do you maintain an ebike motor?

    To maintain an e-bike motor:

    Keep it clean and dry, protecting it from moisture.

    Lubricate moving parts, such as the chain and gears.

    Regularly check the electrical connections.

    Inspect the motor for wear and tear.

    Ensure proper tire inflation for efficient motor performance.

  • Can ebike motors be repaired?

    Yes, bike motors can often be repaired. However, the repairability depends on the motor type, the extent of the damage, and the availability of replacement parts. Consult with a qualified e-bike technician for an accurate assessment and repair options.

  • How long do ebike motors last?

    The lifespan of e-bike motors varies but is influenced by factors like usage, maintenance, and motor quality. In general, mid-drive motors typically last longer, often exceeding 10,000 miles, while hub motors may have a shorter lifespan, around 5,000-8,000 miles. Regular maintenance can help extend their longevity.

Test Solutions
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