AIP partial discharge tester test items mainly include PDIV test, Inductance, DC resistance, AC Hipot, Surge voltage, and Insulation resistance.

AIP partial discharge tester is suitable for electrical performance testing of various types of motor stators.


Partial discharge tester

This product is mainly used for automotive drive motors, military motors, industrial motors, and other high-voltage motor stator electrical performance testing, stable, fast, and efficient.

Key Features

Data quantification: digitize motor test and set upper and lower limits to achieve simple testing;

Waveform display: product data is displayed in waveform form, which is intuitive, clear and simple;

Integrated design: single machine and cabinet with various equipment structures to choose from, integrated architecture design;

Fast clamping: The clamping method is efficient and convenient, suitable for operation by personnel on the motor production line, reducing useless operation steps and meeting the production rhythm of the production line;

Comprehensive testing: compatible with conventional motor test items such as resistance, insulation, turn-to-turn, and partial discharge detection items for new energy vehicle drive motors such as PDIV and PDEV. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, reducing equipment purchase costs;

Easy maintenance: supports intelligent self-checking, remote fault diagnosis and online software upgrade, plug-in design, easy to disassemble and replace

Easy to use: The test system is equipped with professional test software, Windows operating system, built-in help documentation, and standard high-performance touch screen and numeric keyboard;

Rich interfaces: The instrument has built-in USB, LAN (convertible to RS232, RS485, etc.) interfaces, supports TCP/IP network protocol, supports PLC simulation technology, and facilitates the control and expansion of the instrument.


■ Partial discharge + Regular stator test.

■ High-voltage motor insulation defect detection.

■ Early detection of potential insulation defects in motors.

■ Single machine double partial discharge: pulse PDS + sinusoidal PDH.


Test items

PDIV test

DC resistance 

AC Hipot 

Surge voltage
Insulation resistance

  • What is a partial discharge tester?

    Partial discharge testing, also known as PD testing, is performed to assess electrical insulation health. PD is best described as a failure of part of an insulation system to withstand the electrical field applied to it.

  • How do you calculate partial discharge?

    The partial discharge measurement made by PD testers, using the surge test as the driver, is the voltage of the PD spikes. This voltage is proportional to the amount of discharge and measured in mV. The range measured is typically from a few mV to a few volts. A charge or discharge is measured in coulombs.

  • What is the purpose of partial discharge test in transformer?

    PD measurement is a reliable and non-intrusive method that can be used anytime to diagnose the insulation condition of power transformers. It is performed to ensure quality assurance during factory acceptance testing and on-site commissioning.