AIP washing machine motor test solutions help customers solve washing machine motor testing problems.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for washing machine motor. and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

Test Solutions

Washing Machine Motor Test Solutions

The washing machines on the market are mainly divided into three types: double-cylinder washing machines, pulsator washing machines and drum washing machines. The washing machines mainly have two working modes: washing and dehydration.

The two-cylinder washing machine assembly motor is induction motor, including washing motor and dehydration motor; the pulsator washing machine assembly motor is induction motor and DD motor, including washing motor; the drum washing machine assembly motor is series motor, DD motor, BPM motor, DD motor And BPM motors are all DC brushless motors. Brushless motors have the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, and low vibration during operation, and their market share continues to increase.

The washing machine induction motor is a single-phase AC asynchronous single-speed motor, which consists of a stator and a cast aluminum rotor. It has three lead wires: main phase, secondary phase, and common terminal.Capacitive start mode is adopted.

Washing machine series excitation motor (full name is single-phase series excitation speed regulating motor), which belongs to AC brush motor, has two input power lines, is composed of stator and armature rotor, and has 32 armature commutator segments.

Washing machine DD motor: DD is the English acronym for direct drive, which can be translated as a DC brushless direct drive motor. The motor consists of a stator and a permanent magnet outer rotor (because the magnetic tile is stuck on the rotor, it is called a permanent magnet outer rotor) , The rotor is connected with the washing drum, the motor is equipped with a Hall plate, and the washing machine is mainly composed of a controller, a driver and a motor.

Washing machine BPM motor: BPM is the English acronym for Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor. The motor consists of a stator and a permanent magnet inner rotor (the magnetic sheet is embedded in the rotor, so it is called a permanent magnet inner rotor). The motor is connected with the washing tub through a pulley, and the washing machine mainly includes a controller, a driver and a motor.

The washing machine motor test mainly includes three categories: induction motor test, series motor test, and brushless motor test. Each category is divided into stator test, (cast aluminum/permanent magnet) rotor test, and complete machine (loading) test. The structure and working principle are completely different, so the test difference is also large. AIP focuses on global motor testing. In 2013, it exported the BPM brushless motor loading test system to Thailand. After years of technical investment, it has formed a complete set of washing machine motor testing solutions.

AIP provides a one-stop motor test solution, no matter what type of washing machine motor you are, AIP can provide you with stator/rotor test to complete machine test, from workshop test to laboratory test, from offline test to online test A complete set of testing solutions, testing motors, it is enough to choose AIP.

  • What is the life of washing machine motor?

    The average lifespan of a washing machine motor is about 11 years. This also depends on the type, brand, frequency of use, and maintenance of the motor. If the motor is out of warranty or has frequent problems, you may need to consider a new washer.

  • What causes a washing machine motor to fail?

    There are many reasons why a washing machine motor can fail, some of the common ones are:

    ■ Dust accumulation

    ■ Worn bearings

    ■ Drive belt damage

    ■ Overload

    ■ Loose drum

    ■ Coil short circuit or grounding

    ■ Voltage fluctuations

  • What is a washing machine motor test program?

    A washing machine motor test program is a series of methods and standards used to test and evaluate the performance and quality of washing machine motors.

  • Is it worth repairing a washing machine motor?

    This depends on the cost and effectiveness of repairing the washing machine motor. In general, if the cost of repairing the washer motor is less than 50 percent of the price of a new washer and the repair restores normal operation, the repair is worthwhile.78 However, if the cost of repairing the washer motor is more than 50 percent of the price of a new washer, or if the problem or performance deteriorates even after repairing the washer, replacing it with a new washer may be the more economical choice.78 In addition, consider the washer's age, make and model, and other factors. If the washer has been in use for a long time is out of warranty, or is some low-end or outdated model, then repairs may not be worthwhile because they may fail again or consume too much energy

  • What is the best brand washing machine?

    Different brands and models of washing machines may have different advantages, disadvantages and features. Choosing the best washing machine is based on a combination of factors such as your needs, budget, preferences and reviews . However, according to some authoritative reviews and rankings , here are some of the best recognized brands of washing machines:

    ■ LG

    ■ Electrolux

    ■ Bosch

    ■ Whirlpool

    ■ Samsung

Test Solutions
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