Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.

Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd.

About Us

AIP has consistently been recognized by customers for supplying excellent solutions and creating significant values. The recognitions and support encourage us to spread our reach further, and serve more and more customers.

AIP has CE certification with its high standard equipment backed by its strength and rich industry experience, its products meet the safety requirements stipulated by EU directives, and are highly recognized by customers.

AIP focuses on global motor testing. It is a technology-based enterprise with a strong R&D team and devoted itself to technical innovation. It won the honorary certificate of high-tech enterprises in 2020 and is specially supported by the nation.

AIP occupies an industry-leading position in the field of motor testing, with its core-competitiveness and a clear strategy, it has won the honorary certificate of "Invisible Champion Enterprise"

AIP is actively innovating, and has depth cooperation with many servo motor manufacturers domestic and worldwide to provide customers with high-quality testing solutions and help companies control production quality more efficiently and accurately. Therefore, it was awarded the honorary qualification of "Qingdao Servo Motor Testing Equipment Expert Workstation".

Over the years, AIP has devoted itself to technical research and development, and strives to reduce costs and increase efficiency for motor manufacturers with every creation of motor testing equipment. While achieving success, it has also obtained a plenty number of patent certificates, which is a good testimony of AIP's technological innovation strength.