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AIP has a mature set of test solutions for automotive motor, and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

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Automotive Motor Test Solutions

There are two types of automotive: electric vehicles (hybrid) and fuel vehicles. The two types of motor are very different. Electric vehicles are driven by motors and powered by batteries, and the electric control part of the motor is completely different from fuel vehicles. click electric vehicle motor test solutions for more details. Here focuses on the fuel vehicle motor test solutions.

Fuel vehicle motor is mainly functional auxiliary motor, including automobile compressor motor, generator motor, oil pump motor, seat motor, steering motor, ventilation motor, wiper motor, tailgate motor, etc. The auxiliary motor can also be divided into brush motor and brushless motor. At present, brush motor applied more widely, but in the future, brushless motor will take the lead.

AIP has a mature automobile auxiliary motor test solutions, brush motor test solution includes: stator test, armature rotor test, complete motor test (no-load/loaded) .  brushless motor test solution includes: stator test, permanent magnet rotor test, complete motor test (no-load/loaded, back electromotive force, etc.).

AIP attaches great importance to the testing of motors in the automotive industry, specializes in the performance of automotive motors, and has developed technologies such as vertical line testing, single point damage testing, and surge testing to ensure the quality of every automotive motor. AIP also has a dynamometer intelligent tester compatible with both brushed motors and brushless motors to meet the one-stop testing needs of enterprise motor production.

AIP micro-motor tester introduces the CAN communication technology in the automobile control system, which ensures the stability of the control system and the speed of data transmission when the test voltage is quickly switched between the 10 thousand-volt level and the mili volt level. Based on the Linux open source system, we independently developed the operating system of motor tester with independent intellectual property rights, and introduced the application mode of smart phone operating system into the system synchronously. With the built-in WIFI module, we can quickly realize networking, fault diagnosis, OTA upgrade, etc., and the whole system is at the international advanced level.

The micro-motor tester launched by AIP has been applied by major motor manufacturers around the world, which has improved the detection rate of motor faults, guaranteed the quality of each motor, and improved economic benefits for customers.

  • What is“Automotive Motor Test Solutions”?

    "Automotive Motor Test Solutions is a comprehensive solution for testing and evaluating the electrical performance and reliability of automotive electric motors. It can help improve the performance, quality, safety, and efficiency of automobiles.

  • Why do you need an automotive motor testing solution?

    Automotive electric motors are a core component of a vehicle, and their performance and reliability are critical to vehicle efficiency and safety. Automotive motor testing solutions help manufacturers ensure motor quality, reduce failure rates, and meet regulatory requirements.

  • How can Automotive Motor test Solutions improve the performance of automotive electric motors?

    Automotive motor testing solutions can improve motor performance How can Automotive Motor test Solutions improve the performance of automotive electric motors? e by performing thorough testing and analysis during the manufacturing process? They help detect potential problems and ensure that electric motors continue to operate reliably under extreme conditions such as high loads and high temperatures.

  • Are these solutions available for all types of automotive motors?

    AIP has mature automobile auxiliary motor test solutions, brush motor test solutions including stator test, armature rotor test, and complete motor test (no-load/loaded). brushless motor test solution includes stator test, permanent magnet rotor test, and complete motor test (no-load/loaded, back electromotive force, etc.).

  • What are the manufacturers of"Automotive Motor Test Solutions"?

    Automotive Motor Test Solutions has many manufacturers, they are distributed in different countries and regions, in China, the best manufacturer of Automotive Motor Test Solutions is AIP [a company focusing on global motor testing].

Test Solutions
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