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Pump Motor Test Solutions

A water pump is a machine that transports or pressurizes a liquid. The motor in it promotes the increase of liquid energy, so the core of the pump is still the motor. According to the application environment, it is divided into industrial water pumps (380V) and domestic water pumps (220V). The most common ones are submersible pumps, booster pumps, circulating pumps, canned pumps, and so on.

At present, the water pump motors on the market are mainly induction motors, but some brushless motors also appear. The water pump motor is composed of three parts: the stator, the cast aluminum rotor, and the motor. Therefore, the test of the water pump motor is also divided into the stator test, the cast aluminum rotor test, and the motor. machine to test three modules.

The above picture shows the customer application site of AIP's new generation pump motor stator test system. The device adopts a plug-in module design, with two operation modes: button and touch screen optional. It has a built-in wifi module and can be upgraded and maintained remotely. Favored by old customers, the single-phase single-speed motor can be tested in 4s at the fastest, the test is fast, accurate, and stable, the after-sales service is timely, and the function is powerful. The pump motor test equipment also adopts the above-mentioned stator structure design. The multi-speed power test is completed at one time, the data can be uploaded and saved in the service, and the data traceability can be realized. The barcode scanning function can be configured to realize the comprehensive connection of the data.

In 2012, AIP cooperated with Japan ES to develop and complete the testing technology of the cast aluminum rotor of a water pump motor, making it more suitable for mass application in the production line. The equipment can set upper and lower limits, and the parameters are digitized. The test time of a single rotor is only about 3 seconds, which can quickly determine the rotor problem and reduce the operator's technical requirements. Fast, efficient and precise are the consistent concepts of AIP product design. There is no best, only better.

  • What is a pump motor?

    A water pump motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive a water pump. Water pump motors can be categorized into AC motors and DC motors based on the type of input power source. AC motors use alternating current (AC) as input while DC motors use direct current (DC) as input.

  • How does a pump motor work?

    A pump motor works by using electromagnetic induction or a commutator to create a rotating magnetic field that rotates the impeller or plunger of the pump to transfer liquid. An AC motor generates a rotating magnetic field by changing the direction of the alternating current (AC) in a coil, while a DC motor generates a rotating magnetic field by changing the direction of the direct current (DC) in a coil using a commutator.

  • What are the different types of motor pumps?

    Water pump motors can be categorized into the following types based on the type and construction of the pump:

    ■ Centrifugal water pump motors

    ■ Positive displacement pump motors

    ■ Axial flow water pump motors:

  • Are pump motors AC or DC?

    Water pump motors can be either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC), depending on what kind of input power and drive they use. Generally speaking, alternating current (AC) pump motors are more common than direct current (DC) pump motors because AC power is easier to obtain and control, and AC drives are simpler and less expensive.1 However, direct current (DC) pump motors have their advantages and needs for special applications, such as solar-powered, remote-control, and variable-speed adjustments.

  • What is the difference between a compressor and a pump motor?

    A compressor is a device that compresses a gas or vapor from low pressure to high pressure, while a pump is a device that pushes a liquid from low pressure to high pressure.4 Compressors and pumps can both be driven by different types of actuators, such as electric motors, internal combustion engines, and steam turbines. The main differences between compressors and pumps are the state and nature of the media they handle, and their principles of operation and construction.

Test Solutions
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