Armature tester price.

AIP shares with you the" Armature tester price".

August 09, 2023

Armature tester price

As most motor manufacturers, we all know that in order to ensure the quality of the motor, the armature rotor must be tested before leaving the factory. However, there are many kinds of armature testers with different prices on the market, how should we choose?

Armature tester

There are many factors that affect the price of an armature tester, and they are not absolute.

①Each armature tester manufacturer has a different definition of its price.

②You need to look at the tested products and testing requirements, and the needs for different products cannot be generalized.

To sum up, there is no clear quotation for the price of an armature tester in the market, and the specific equipment price needs to be communicated with the manufacturer in detail. You can get an AIP armature tester quote by phone at +532-87973318 or email

AIP armature tester

AIP has relatively mature armature rotor testing technology, which has been applied to power tool motors, garden tool motors, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motors, automobile motors, fitness equipment motors, permanent magnet micro motors, etc., to meet special requirements such as double insulation Process motor test, automatic identification of faults such as solder joints, winding short circuit, open circuit, wrong winding, poor welding, etc., automatic statistics of test data, convenient for quality management analysis.

AIP factory

Motor tester is a relatively high-tech equipment, and it cannot be done well without certain research and development capabilities, and there are not many companies in the industry that really have research and development capabilities. AIP has been committed to the R&D and production of motor testing equipment since its establishment and has rich experience in industry testing. At present, AIP serves more than 13,000 customers, has more than 80 scientific research teams, serves more than 60 countries, and has more than 15 service centers. , has been trusted by well-known customers at home and abroad, choosing AIP is to choose rest assured!