The importance of the armature performance test

AIP shares with you"The importance of the armature performance test".

June 08, 2023

The importance of the armature performance test

Armature is a wound rotor and is an important part of the brushed motor. Its quality directly determines the quality of the product. What aspects should we focus on when testing the armature?

1. Welding resistance: The resistance value of armature rotor welding resistance is micro-ohm level, which requires high precision and high stability, especially for the detection of virtual welding problems. Many test equipment on the market cannot meet the requirements.

2. Slot outer wire: The armature structure is winding type, this structure is easy to wind the line to the outside of the groove, How to quickly and effectively detect the problem?

3. Hook dislocation: Although most of the winding methods now use machines, there are also problems with hook errors, and the problem of batch hook errors is easy to occur. It is recommended to wind a small amount of wire when changing the product, and then batch winding after the test is qualified.

Armature tester application site

Aiming at the above three problems, after a lot of market research and technical research, AIP launched the AIP898X series new armature tester, which can effectively detect problems such as poor solder resistance, outside lines, and hook misalignment. 

A strong R&D team is the guarantee of AIP technology, it has overcome a number of industry motor testing problems and has reached in-depth cooperation with domestic Welling Group, Dayang Group, Wolong Group, etc., and has been unanimously recognized by customers. The armature tester has also been exported to more than ten countries and regions. Actively in response to the national "Belt and Road" project, let Chinese technology go out and serve more enterprises.

AIP focuses on global motor testing. because it is dedicated, it is professional, and we have been working hard on motor testing!