AIP BLDC motor load tester test items mainly include the load.

AIP BLDC motor load tester is suitable for testing the electric performance of BLDC motors, such as the washing machine motor, air conditioner motor, EV motor, etc.


BLDC motor load tester

This series of testers is suitable for testing the electric performance of BLDC motors, such as washing machine motors, air conditioner motors, EV motors, etc. After the test is completed, it gives qualified and unqualified instructions and sound and light alarms. 

Key Features

Integrated design: Integrated innovation design solutions simplify the operation workstation.

Fast clamping: simple and efficient clamping solution, convenient for production line personnel to operate and meet the production line pace.

Software features:user permission setting function; large storage able to save over 1000 test programs.

MES: support connect with production management system.

Easy-to-maintain: support intelligent self-inspection, remote failure diagnosis and online software upgrading. Insertable card design makes it easy to disassemble and replace.

Easy-to-use: Professional test software, User-friendly interface, built-in help documents, high-performance touch screen and numeric keyboard as standard.

Multiple interface:  the instrument comes with USB, LAN support TCP/IP network protocol, PLC simulation technology. Instrument control and expansion are quite easy.


Test items: Load performance.


Load: check the voltage, current, power, and RPM when the motor is applied load by the brake.

Voltage measuring range/precision

Vm:DC 20.0~350.0V    ±(0.5%×display value+1 word)

Current measuring range/precision

Im:0.010~2.000A        ±(0.5%×display value+2 words)

Power measuring range


RPM measuring range

Read from servo motor(within 3000rpm)

Load setting range

0.10~0.75Nm  Customization is accept


CW, CCW and still

Vsp power output range/precision

DC 1.00~18.00V      ±(0.5%×setting value+1 word)

Vcc power output range/precision

DC 1.00~18.00V      ±(0.5%×setting value+1 word)

Icc current range

1.0-100.0mA          ±(1%×display value+2 words)

FG voltage level

High: 3.0-18.0V DC  Low:3.0-18.0V DC  ±(1%×display value+1 words)

FG frequency


FG duty cycle


FG waveform display


Power sequence chart

Power on sequence:Vcc-Vm-Vsp,Power off sequence:Vsp-Vm-Vcc, the time can be set. 

  • How do you calculate the load capacity of a BLDC motor?

    "1.T = 4 * N * B * L * R * i.

    2. This is the Equations to Know for simple estimation of BLDC torque. ...

    3.� number of turns per phase.

    4.� strength of the permanent magnetic field � length of the stator/core (or the magnet too, if they are equal) � radius of the stator.

    5.� current in the motor windings."

  • What is the load capacity of the 750w BLDC motor?

    Rated Torque - 15.36 N.m. Load Capacity - Upto 350 KG.

  • What is the load capacity of a 250 watt BLDC motor?

    Load carrying capacity: 60 Kg-180 Kg.

  • How do you size a motor for a load?

    The required torque is calculated by multiplying the sum of load torque and acceleration torque by the safety factor. When the required torque for the motor varies over time, determine if the motor can be used by calculating the effective load torque.

  • How do you calculate motor load capacity?

    "1.Formula used in Motor full load current calculator

    2.Single Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [kW] × 1000) / (V × cos ϕ)

    3.Single Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [HP] × 746) / (V × cos ϕ × η)

    4.Three Phase AC Motor FLA (Amperes) = (P [kW] × 1000) / (V × 1.732 × cos ϕ)"