AIP permanent magnet dc motor tester test items mainly include AC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, No-load, Direction of rotation, and RPM.

AIP permanent magnet dc motor tester is suitable for testing the electric performance of permanent magnet dc motors.


Permanent magnet dc motor tester

This series of tester is suitable for testing the electric performance of permanent magnet DC motor, such as the DC fan motor, power tools DC motor, vacuum cleaner motor, wiper motor, window motor and other products. After the test is completed, it gives qualified and unqualified instructions and sound and light alarm.  

Key Features

Linux operating system, professional control software, simple interface.

Standard equipped with code scanning function (optionally equipped with code scanner).

Standard is equipped with yellow, green, and red indicating light. Yellow-in test, green-pass, and red-fail.

The left station and right station can work in table tennis mode to improve testing efficiency.

The light and sound alarm will be triggered in case of any equipment failure or the stator fails the test.

The color of the testing system is aluminum primary color.


Test items: AC Hipot, insulation resistance, no-load current, no-load power, the direction of rotation

The tester can display the motor current and detect the motor rpm by analyzing the current frequency.



Permanent magnet DC motor tester

AC Hipot

output voltage setting range/precision

AC 500~3000V     ±(2%×setting value+10V)   

breakdown of current testing range/precision

0.10~20.00mA     ±(2%×display value+0.05mA)

Hipot current presetting alarm range

Max: 0.10~20.00mA; Min: 0.00~20.00mA

Hipot current/resolution

±(2%×display value+0.05 mA);0.01 mA

test time range/resolution

0.5~999.9s   0.1s/step

Insulation Resistance

output voltage setting range/precision

DC 500V/1000V     ±(2%×setting value+10V)

insulation resistance testing range/precision


≤100MΩ:±(3%×setting value+0.5MΩ) ;>100 MΩ:±(5%×setting value+5MΩ)

insulation resistance alarm setting range

Max: 0~500MΩ; Min: 1~100MΩ

test time range/resolution

0.5~999s  0.1s/step


voltage testing range and precision

DC: 0.0-30.0V           ±(0.5%×display value+1V)

current testing range and precision

DC: 0.01-10.00A        ±(0.5%×display value+2 digits)

power testing range and precision

0.5-300W             ±(0.5%×display value+5 digits)      

test time range/resolution

0.5~999s  0.1s/step

Direction of rotation


CW, CCW, still



Motor rpm

  • What is a Permanent Magnet DC Motor Tester?

    A Permanent Magnet DC Motor Tester is a specialized device used to assess and evaluate the performance and condition of permanent magnet DC motors. It helps diagnose issues and ensure the efficient operation of these motors.

  • Why is it important to test Permanent Magnet DC Motors?

    Testing Permanent Magnet DC Motors is crucial to identify faults, anomalies, or performance deviations early on. This preventive maintenance helps extend motor life, reduce downtime, and ensure optimal functionality.

  • How does a Permanent Magnet DC Motor Tester work?

    A Permanent Magnet DC Motor Tester operates by applying specific tests, such as voltage, current, and resistance measurements, to assess the health of the motor's magnets, windings, and other components. It provides insights into the motor's condition.

  • What industries benefit from Permanent Magnet DC Motor Testers?

    Various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, robotics, and renewable energy, rely on Permanent Magnet DC Motor Testers to ensure the reliability of their motor-driven equipment.

  • What are the key advantages of using a Permanent Magnet DC Motor Tester?

    Permanent Magnet DC Motor Testers offer advantages such as early fault detection, improved maintenance planning, reduced operational costs, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced motor performance.