What is an armature tester?

AIP shares with you the" What is an armature tester?".

August 03, 2023

What is an armature tester?

The armature tester is a test equipment for testing the electrical performance of the armature rotor. Only when the relevant electrical performance parameters of the armature meet the national standards or industry standards can it leave the factory.

The armature generally refers to the part of the motor that is equipped with a coil that requires an external power supply and is a component that converts mechanical energy and electrical energy in the motor. The armature rotor is one of the components of the DC motor, which is mainly composed of the armature core, armature winding, commutator, shaft, and fan.

armature rotor

Why test an armature? During the production process of the armature rotor, the problem of false welding between the coil tap and the commutator piece is common, and the quality hidden dangers caused by this are usually invisible to the naked eye. When the motor is installed and used in the factory, the motor with a bad armature rotor will be locally heated at any time, Faults such as disconnection cause the motor to burn out. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a systematic test on the armature rotor before leaving the factory to eliminate bad rotors and ensure the quality of the ex-factory products. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the armature rotor, its electrical performance also needs to be tested. Only when the relevant parameters of the armature rotor meet the national and industry standards can it leave the factory.

armature rotor

Aiming at the problem of armature quality testing, AIP currently has mature testing technology and can customize armature testers for customers. The test items of the AIP armature tester mainly include welding resistance, bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, AC hipot, insulation resistance, and surge. 

AIP armature tester

AIP armature tester has the following features:

1. High-speed test: 24 pieces of armature test time only 6S

2. Hook misalignment: accurately locate the solder joint with the wrong welding resistance, and display it intuitively and dynamically with diagrams

3. Remote maintenance, modular board design, power-on self-test, data management

4. The tester can be directly compatible with the on-site chuck, or directly replace the tester of the automated production line, reducing the cost of the enterprise.

At present, AIP tester has been widely used by customers at home and abroad and has been praised by customers again and again. Welcome to communicate with AIP Instrument armature-related testing questions: Tel +86-532-87973318 or email: international@aipuo.com