"AIP cabinet safety tester test items mainly include ac hi-pot, dc hi-pot, insulation resistance, grounding resistance, leakage current, load power, low voltage start open short circuit test."

AIP cabinet safety tester is used in household/commercial electrical appliances, motors, water pumps, fans, lamps, power tools, heat pumps, photovoltaic energy, electronic power and other industries.


Cabinet safety tester

This tester adopts self-developed software to fully meet the intelligent test requirements of various power supply products such as single-phase, three-phase three/four-wire, American standard single-phase, American standard two/three-wire, etc. The maximum power can be configured with 120KW. The tester has modular functions such as data collection, storage, analysis, and transmission, and can realize information interconnection. F/H series products are equipped with a 12-inch full-color touch screen and a touch keyboard for quick input. The equipment is used in household/commercial appliances, motors, water pumps, fans, lamps, electric tools, heat pumps, photovoltaic energy, electronic power and other industries.

Key Features

Modularization: The functions of each module of the tester adopt a customized board design.

Remote upgrade: The tester software can be remotely upgraded to the latest customized version to solve problems encountered in the use of the software and meet customer needs.

Rapid discharge: The tester adopts rapid discharge technology so that the measured object is discharged within 50ms.

Barcode scanning: The tester is equipped with a code scanner, which can scan the barcode group, and the barcode is interconnected with the test data, which is convenient for data management and analysis.

Wireless network: The tester can connect to a wireless network and mobile phone hotspot to realize networking functions such as network information transmission, remote diagnosis, and remote upgrade.

Data storage: The tester has the functions of local data storage and networking to realize data management, analysis, uploading, etc. Its USB interface can realize data import and export and interface with information systems such as MES.

Arc detection: The tester can test the short circuit problem caused by the insulation defect of the tested product during the production process through ARC detection.

Rich interfaces: The tester comes with USB, LAN, RS232, and other interfaces, and supports TCP/IP network protocol, PLC simulation technology, CAN communication, and other functions. Its built-in WIFI facilitates the control and expansion of the instrument.


Parallel testing: The tester can test surge and grounding items at the same time, which improves the test efficiency.

Diagnosis of faults: The tester can be operated remotely, and quickly find and resolve tester faults.

Anti-high voltage: The tester can monitor the circuit in real-time and automatically sense the state of the measured object. For example, if someone touches the high-voltage circuit, the tester will automatically disconnect the high-voltage output to ensure the safety of the operator.

Informationization: tester is able to be connected to the MES system, and the test data is automatically uploaded to the client-server.


Rated Output


Output Voltage Range/precision

100~5000V ±(1%×setting value+2 words)

Current test range/precision

0.000~150.000mA  ±(1%×reading value+5words)

Arc detection

1 ~ 9 (9 is the most sensitive) 0 means turn off the arc function

DC Hi-pot

Rated Output


Output Voltage Range/precision

100~6000V ±(1%×setting value+2V)

Insulation resistance

Rated output

6000V /50GΩ

Output voltage range/precision

100~6000V  ±(1%×reading value+2V)

Resistance test range


Resistance test resolution

0.001MΩ   0.01MΩ  0.1MΩ  1MΩ   0.01GΩ

Test precision

1.000MΩ~999.9MΩ   output200~500V

±(7%×reading value+3words)

1.000MΩ~999.9MΩ   output 501~6000V

±(5%×reading value+3 words)

1.00GΩ~10.00GΩ     output 501~6000V

±(7%×reading value+3 words)

10.00GΩ~50.00GΩ    output 1000~6000V

±(15%×reading value+3 words)

Grounding resistance

Rated output

40A/600mΩ(optional 64A)

Output current Range/precision

AC 5.0~40.0A  ±(1%×setting value+5words) 

Grounding resistance range/precision

1.0~600mΩ  ±(1%×display value+5 words)

Voltage test resolution/precision

0.01V  ±(1%×reading value+3 words)

Leakage current

Set leak type/body network (MD card)

Dynamic leakage, static leakage Standard network GB/T12113 Figure 4 Any human body network can be customized.

Output voltage setting range/precision

0.0V~300.0V  ±(0.4%×setting value+0.1%×range)

Leakage current test range


Leakage current test precision


±(1%×reading value+0.02mA)


±(1%×reading value+0.02mA)


±(2%×reading value)  (>10uA)

Load power

Output voltage range

Single-phase 0.0~300.0V  

Three-phase 0.0~500.0V

Current test precision

±(0.1%×reading value+0.1%×range)

Power test range

Single-phase 0.0~999.9W  1000~6000W

Three-phase 0.0~999.9W  1000~20000W

Power test precision

PF>0.9     ±(0.1%×reading value+0.1%×range)

PF≤0.9      ±(0.4%×reading value+0.1%×range)

Low voltage start

Output voltage setting range/precision

0.0~300.0V  ±(0.1%×reading value+0.1%×range)

Starting current test range/precision

0.000~9.999A  10.00~20.00A  ±(0.1%×reading value+0.1%×range)

Open short circuit test

Test voltage


Resistance test range/precision

2.0~999.9Ω  ±(5%×读reading value+5words)

load power

  • What is a cabinet type safety regulation tester?

    The safety regulation tester is a specialized instrument used for the withstand voltage measurement test of high-voltage elements and devices, mainly to detect whether the product is leaking electricity, whether it is well grounded, and whether it will harm personal safety.

  • What are the application scenarios of cabinet type safety regulation testers?

    The application scenarios of cabinet-type safety regulation testers include power supply, LED lighting, household appliances, medical devices, communication equipment, industrial automation, automotive electronics, new energy, and other fields.

  • What are the items of the automotive cabinet safety regulation tester?

    The testing content includes vehicle insulation, multi-channel potential equalization, capacitance coupling, vehicle insulation monitoring verification, etc., to meet the requirements of the vehicle assembly offline testing and the refined safety testing of its components.

  • What is the leakage current in the cabinet safety regulation tester?

    When the current overflows through the insulation impedance, it is called a leakage current. When the leakage current comes into contact with the human body, causing the current to flow through the human body and then to Earth, it causes electrical injury.

  • What is the grounding impedance test in a cabinet type safety gauge tester?

    There are two testing methods for grounding protection: Ground Continuity Test (GC) and Ground Bond Test (GB). The purpose of grounding protection testing is to prevent users from flowing to the ground when improper current is generated, and contact with the body will not cause electrical hazards.