Surge test.

AIP shares with you the"Surge test".

August 28, 2023

Surge test

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, the basic structure includes a stator, rotor, winding, shaft, end cover, and other parts. Motor winding is a combination of coil packs that form one phase or the entire electromagnetic circuit, and the coil packs are made up of one or more coils connected in series in a smooth manner. The surge test we are going to talk about today refers to the relationship between the copper wires in a particular coil.


I. Importance of surge testing

Motors need to ensure insulation between the individual coils during normal operation, and if the insulation is faulty, safety accidents due to short circuits can occur. Surge testing can detect short circuits and insulation defects in coils, windings, and motors, which are often referred to as turn faults, coil faults, or phase faults. Other motor problems can also be detected, such as incorrect internal connections, incorrect number of surges, etc. Therefore, motor surge testing is very important for motor manufacturers.

Motor surge test

II. Principle of surge test

The principle of the surge test is to apply a high voltage pulse to the coil, generate interlayer potential difference through the oscillating circuit, and judge the bad insulation according to the interlayer discharge, the surge test is mainly to detect the insulation performance between the layers inside the coil.

Which surge tester is right for me?

Using AIP surge tester, an AIP surge tester is the best choice for customers and will ensure that your motors will always be safe. It is able to test various coils, motors, stator winding, relay/contactor coil, electric magnetic valve coil, etc., and can be applied for maintenance, production line, lab and QC, etc. 

Functional features of AIP surge test equipment.

■ Extension: single surge test or multiple test options.

■ Large storage: Up to 1000 test groups can be established.

■ Automatic determine: manual or auto test mode options and test results would be determined automatically.

■ Support both touch screen and numeric keyboard operating.

■ Data analysis: Data can be exported in CSV format by USB flash drive.

AIP surge test technology highlights.

■ Surge determines items: area, area difference, corona, and phase.

■ 100MHz sampling frequency.

■ 3KV and 5KV voltage options.

■ Voltage closed loop feedback ensures test precision.

■ User permission management.

■Support MES connection (manufacturing execution system).

AIP surge tester

Ⅳ. Is the surge test destructive?

Because the principle of surge tester testing involves applying a high voltage pulse to the coil, it is often asked whether such a high pulse will weaken the insulation, and the answer is that surge testing will not be destructive to the motor. ① Motors usually experience voltage spikes during normal operation. These regular spikes are significantly higher than the peak operating voltage and higher than the surge test voltage. ② The AIP surge tester is automated in the turns test process, the voltage and number of surge test pulses are controlled by the tester, not the operator.

Surge test result interface

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