What is surge tester?

AIP shares with you the" What is surge tester?".

August 09, 2023

What is surge tester?

The surge tester is a test device used to detect the interlayer insulation performance inside the coil. It is basically used to determine its surge and safety when manufacturing or using motor coils.

AIP focuses on global motor testing and has complete motor testing technology. For the surge test of the motor, AIP has a series of test equipment to solve the problem of the surge test of the motor for customers. The following is a brief introduction to the AIP surge tester.

Ⅰ.Test items

Surge, AC hipot (optional), insulation resistance (optional), DC resistance (optional)

Ⅱ.Application field

AIP surge tester

AIP Surge tester is able to test various coils, motors, stator winding, relay/contactor coil, electric magnetic valve coil, etc., and can be applied for maintenance, production line, lab, QC, etc. 

Ⅲ.Equipment Features

AIP surge tester

■ Extension: single surge test or multiple test options.

■ Large storage: up to 1000 test groups can be established.

■ Automatic determine: manual or auto test mode options and test results would be determined automatically.

■ Support both touch screen and numeric keyboard operating.

■ Data analysis: data can be exported in CSV format by USB flash drive.

The life of the motor depends largely on the life of the insulation, so the surge test is essential during the motor manufacturing process. For more information about AIP surge tester, please contact +532-87973318 or email international@aipuo.com, we will provide you with considerate service!