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August 17, 2023

Motor testing - AIP

The product factory inspection is the last process to ensure that the products produced flow to the market, and the manufacturer must be certified. The purpose of the motor test is to detect defective products and ensure that the products sent to the client are all high-quality products.

Motors include generators and motors. What we are going to talk about today is the test of motors. Different types of motors need to be tested for different electrical properties.


At present, AIP motor tester has been widely used in various motor fields: power tool motors, fan motors, water pump motors, three-phase industrial motors, new energy vehicle drive motors, new energy vehicle air-conditioning compressor motors, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliances motors, air conditioner fan motor, household fan motor, compressor motor, stepper motor, servo motor, electric vehicle motor, tubular motor, washing machine motor, drone motor, etc., providing motor stator testing, motor testing, die-cast rotor test, armature test, dynamometer test and other intelligent motor test equipment.

AIP motor tester

AIP has been focusing on motor testing since its establishment. At present, it has mature motor testing technology and is constantly innovating motor testing technology. Welcome to consult motor testing-related issues. We will provide you with motor testing solutions for free.

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