What causes surge failure.

AIP shares for you "What causes surge failure".

May 09, 2023

What causes surge failure

Surge, as a key item of motor testing, is an important indicator to measure the quality of the motor and an indispensable item for the factory inspection of the motor. Friends who have read the previous article "Principle of the surge testershould know that the motor surge test is affected by the inductance of the winding, so the factors that affect the inductance of the winding will also affect the surge. The editor summarizes the following reasons that affect the poor surge of the motor:

The coil of motor

1、Enameled wire damage, which is what we often call a surge short circuit, is the most common bad site in the production process. Except for the quality problems of the enameled wire itself (it has damage), most of them are caused by "scratches" in the previous process. , such as the thread embedding process, thread binding process, etc. This reason is also relatively easy to find, just check the previous process;

2、The change of raw materials, that is, the change of the material of the enameled wire. A customer changed the supplier of the enameled wire before, and the waveform of the entire surge has changed by about 15%. The motor waveform of the new material is updated and collected;

3、The number of turns of the stator winding is too many or too few. This problem is due to the wrong parameter setting of the winding machine. The occurrence rate of this fault is relatively low, but it is easy to cause batch problems;

4、Wrong wiring, especially for AC multi-strand motors, there is a problem of manual wrong wiring, this is a point problem, just find the person in charge to correct it;

5、The tightness of the winding, whether the tension is appropriate, the regularity of the wiring, etc., will all have an impact on the surge waveform, but the relative impact is small;

6、The probability of the last type of occurrence is also relatively low, that is, there are large gaps in the silicon steel sheet, which may be due to poor pressing or large bruises, which can be recognized by the naked eye.

The above 6 items are the common causes of surge defects. How to find out of the problems in time requires professional surge test instruments. AIP has developed three surge test instruments with different performances according to the characteristics of the motor. You can choose the equipment that suits your product.

Surge tester

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