What does a motor tester do?

AIP shares with you the" What does a motor tester do?".

August 04, 2023

What does a motor tester do?

Motors were widely used in modern industrial production, and motor testers are key equipment for testing and evaluating motors. It consists of multiple components and enables comprehensive testing and analysis of various properties of the motor. In this article, we'll dive into what a motor tester is, what it's made of, and more.


The motor tester is a special equipment that can comprehensively test the performance of the motor, aiming at ensuring the performance, reliability, and safety of the motor. It can test a variety of performance parameters of the motor, such as speed, power, efficiency, output torque, current, voltage, and the load characteristics, vibration, and noise of the motor. Motor comprehensive tester is widely used in motor manufacturing, motor maintenance, motor quality control, and other fields.

AIP motor tester is widely used in various motor industries, including household motors, pump motors, power tool motors, automotive motors, industrial motors, servo motors, and other fields. AIP provides motor stator testing, motor testing, die-cast rotor testing, armature rotor test, dynamometer test, and other intelligent test equipment. Its main function is to assist in the timely identification of motor problems in motor manufacturing, motor maintenance, and motor quality control to ensure motor quality.

AIP motor tester

The motor tester usually consists of the following components:

Ⅰ.Motor drive system: including power supply, frequency converter, motor controller, etc., used to provide power supply and control parameters such as motor speed and load.

Ⅱ.Motor sensors: including speed sensors, torque sensors, etc., are used to detect motor operating parameters in real time.

Ⅲ.Data acquisition system: including data collector, signal amplifier, filter, etc., used to convert the signal collected by the sensor into a digital signal.

Ⅳ.Data processing system: including computers, monitors, software, etc., used to process and analyze test data and display test results.

AIP motor tester also has the following characteristics:

■ Intelligent: The system can be connected to the external Internet through the network interface to realize data interaction and resource sharing, meeting the needs of the new generation of the Internet of things.

■ Language support: The product meets the requirements of multiple languages and can be used by customers at home and abroad.

■ Easy maintenance: support intelligent self-inspection, remote fault diagnosis and online software upgrade, plug-in design for easy disassembly and replacement.

■ Data analysis: Automatically record and count the numerical fluctuations of each test item and the number of qualified and unqualified changes, which is convenient for enterprise quality data analysis and statistics

In conclusion, a motor tester is a very useful tester that can help maintenance personnel quickly and accurately identify motor problems, thereby improving equipment reliability and safety, and avoiding production losses due to equipment failure.

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