AIP motor tester

AIP shares with you the" AIP motor tester".

August 07, 2023

AIP motor tester

AIP focuses on global motor testing and provides one-stop motor testing solutions. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and after-sales of motor testing equipment. to provide customers with customized motor testers.

At present, AIP motor tester has been widely used in servo motors, stepper motors, pump motors, Blow fan motors, industrial motors, fan motors, compressor motors, washing machine motors, range hood motors, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motor, power tool motor, air conditioning fan motor, electric bicycle motor, automobile auxiliary motor, new energy vehicle drive motor, etc.

The following will give you a brief introduction to the general types of AIP motor tester.

Ⅰ.Motor stator tester

Main include: Single-phase/three-phase motor stator tester、BLDC motor stator tester、Stator back electromotive force(BEMF) tester、Automatic line applied stator tester、Coil point damage tester、Permanent magnet synchronous(PMSM) motor stator tester、Universal motor stator tester、Stator vacuum tester、AC/DC hipot & insulation 

AIP motor stator tester

Ⅱ.Rotor tester

Main include: Die-cast rotor tester、Permanent magnetic rotor tester、Permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor tester、Automation line applied aluminum rotor tester.

AIP rotor tester

Ⅲ.Electric Motor Tester

Main include: AC motor tester、BLDC motor tester、BLDC motor load tester、BLDC motor no-load tester、Permanent magnet synchronous motor tester、Permanent magnet dc motor tester、Universal motor tester、EC motor tester、Automation line applied motor tester.

AIP electric motor tester

Ⅵ.Armature tester

Armature tester、Coreless armature rotor tester

AIP armature tester


Electric dynamometer tester、DC motor dynamometer tester、Single-phase/three-phase induction motor dynamometer tester.

AIP dynamometer

Ⅵ.Safety Tester

Cabinet safety tester、Desktop safety tester

AIP safety tester

Ⅶ.Power Source

AC power source

AIP power source

Ⅷ.Coil tester

Surge tester、Hipot tester、Coil tester

AIP coil tester


Brushless motor FCT tester


AIP instrument has mature motor testing technology, serving more than 13,000 customers, more than 15 global service centers, serving more than 60 countries, AIP also obtained CE certification, so choosing AIP is choosing rest assured. For more information, please call +532-87973318 or email