AIP automated test solutions help customers solve automated test problems of motor production lines.

AIP has a mature set of test solutions for a series of motor prodcution lines. and produces customized motor testers according to customer requirements.

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Automation Test Solutions

With the advancement of science and technology, the popularization of artificial intelligence technology, and the development of digital and intelligent processes, automated production has become a trend in the industrial industry, especially in the motor manufacturing industry. Years ago, many companies began to try to replace manual work with robots, and now they have achieved local automation in many lines.

The biggest feature of automation is the reduction of manual participation, and the automation module for motor testing is also born. AIP has considered the connection with the automation line in the equipment development stage, and standardized the connection module in both hardware and software. At present When using the equipment, the manufacturer of the motor wire body only needs to connect the signal to realize the automatic production of the motor.

AIP motor testing equipment is equipped with LAN/RS232\RS485 communication interface, realizes free data transmission with industrial computer, supports TCP/IP network protocol, and I/O board is equipped with equipment start, stop, pass/fail and other signals as standard. After the motor test is completed, the data is automatically uploaded to the SQL server server through the network port to realize the upload and storage of test data, and complete the startup, test result output, and data upload. A complete automated test link.

AIP motor test equipment test items include: AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, resistance, no-load, low start, stall, rotation, PG characteristics, select the corresponding test items according to the motor product type, and come standard with functions such as remote upgrade and maintenance. Solve customer after-sales worries.

The height of the equipment is a standard 5U box, with a high degree of integration, and it can be used with built-in cables or independently.

At present, AIP has cooperated with many engineering companies to realize online monitoring of motor stator/motor/motor rotor. The application fields include household appliances, automobiles, industries, fans and other industries, which have been highly praised by customers and partners. AIP hopes to cooperate with more engineering companies to provide end customers with quality projects and quality services.

  • What are the advantages of automation test?

    Automation Test Solutions has some of the following advantages:

    ■ It can save time and cost, improve test efficiency and coverage, and reduce the need for human resources and equipment resources.

    ■ Can improve test quality and accuracy, avoid human errors and omissions, and ensure the consistency and repeatability of test results.

    ■ Can improve testing flexibility and scalability, support multiple test types, test environments, test data, test reports, etc., to adapt to different testing needs and scenarios.

    ■ It can improve software security and reliability, find and repair software defects and vulnerabilities, and prevent software from failing or being attacked.

  • What is "Automation Test Solutions"?

    An automated testing solution is a comprehensive approach that utilizes automation tools and software in order to more efficiently perform, monitor, and evaluate a variety of testing tasks, including software testing, hardware testing, production testing, and more.

  • What types of tests are automated tests suitable for?

    Automated testing solutions can be used for a wide range of test types including functional testing, performance testing, integration testing, regression testing, security testing, load testing, and more, covering software, hardware, and system-level testing.

  • How to choose the right automation testing solution for me?

    When choosing an automated testing solution, consider testing objectives, budget, existing infrastructure, and testing needs. It is important to work with an automation testing expert to develop the best strategy and tool selection.

  • Why do I need an automated testing solution?

    An automated testing solution can increase testing efficiency, reduce human error, and accelerate test cycles while dramatically reducing testing costs in large-scale and repetitive testing tasks.

Test Solutions
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