What are the AC/DC hi-pot & Insulation analyzer test items?

AIP shares with you the" What are the AC/DC hi-pot & Insulation analyzer test items?".

August 29, 2023

What are the AC/DC hi-pot & Insulation analyzer test items?

The motor is one of the key elements of industrial production, and quality is the user's concern. From raw materials to finished products, they must accept strict quality testing, and the finished motor must pass strict testing before leaving the factory.


Since its establishment, AIP has been committed to providing one-stop motor test solutions and the development and production of motor testers. In 2018, AIP adopted the new technology of ac/dc hi-pot & insulation to solve the pain points of customers in the industry and won high praise from customers. So what are the test items of ac/dc hi-pot & insulation analyzer? AIP editor will take you to understand.

AIP AC/DC hi-pot & Insulation analyzer

The product is suitable for the pre-dipping process of the motor stator. Regardless of whether the enameled wire is damaged or not, the bad phenomenon of the enameled wire touching the silicon steel sheet can be effectively detected without damaging the motor. Motor test items mainly include: AC hi-pot, DC hi-pot, and insulation resistance, details are as follows:

Motor defect

Test items


Range and precision

AC hi-pot

Output voltage

AC 500~3000V ±(1.5%×setting value+10V)

Breakdown current

0.10~20.00mA ±(1.5%×display value+0.05mA)

DC hi-pot

Output voltage

DC 500~3000V ±(1.5%×setting value+10V)

Breakdown current

0.10 to 10.00mA ±(1.5%×display value+0.05mA)

Insulation resistance

Output voltage

DC 500V/1000V ±(1.5%×setting value+10V)

Insulation resistance

 ≤100MΩ: ±(3%×display value+0.5MΩ);
 >100MΩ: ±(5%×display value+5MΩ)

Before the motor stator is immersed in paint, only after the inspection of the above items, to determine whether the motor is truly qualified before leaving the factory, and can be safely used by users.

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