Application site of cast aluminum rotor tester.

The cast aluminum rotor tester application site, the equipment, and the production line, combined with the robot arm to achieve automatic testing, can be cast aluminum rotor broken bar, thin bar test.

Technical Support
February 02, 2023

Application site of die-cast rotor tester

On-line test of die-cast rotor        On-line test of die-cast rotor

AIP has a complete die-cast rotor testing solution. The picture shows the cast aluminum rotor production line of a motor manufacturer.

According to the actual production speed and plant layout of manufacturers, AIP customizes the die-cast rotor tester, which can perform items such as rotor broken strip tests. The robot connects the rotor production link with the rotor testing link without human intervention, resulting in high production efficiency and one-time equipment investment instead of monthly labor costs, forming an unmanned motor production factory.

AIP focus on global motor testing, 30 years of experience in testing customized multi-industry motor solutions, according to production needs to provide different motor testers, to help customers reduce testing costs is the direction we have been working hard, more motor testing solutions welcome website access!