AIP UAV/drone motor stator tester test items mainly include AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, and inductance (optional).

AIP UAV/drone motor stator tester is suitable for electrical performance testing of various motor stators.


UAV/Drone Motor Stator Tester

This product is suitable for testing the electrical performance of the stator of the UAV/drone motor and gimbal motor, a one-stop test to complete all the setup items, widely used in UAV/drones and other industries.

Key Features

Easy-to-operate: 10.4-inch LCD, supports both touch screen and numeric keyboard operating, humanized operating interface, functional interface comes with help documents

High performance: Compatible with hi-pot, insulation, surge, resistance, inductance (optional) and other test items

Strong adaptability: surge test support to test winding over 10uH, testing voltage closed loop feedback increases the accuracy.

Easy to maintain: support self-diagnose, remote failure diagnosis, and software upgrading. Modular card design makes hardware maintenance easy.

High efficiency: all tests are performed at one stop with one lead connection.

Easy-to-use: professional test software, humanized operating interface, built-in user manual, support both touch screen and numeric keyboard operating.

Multiple interfaces: optionally equipped with USB, LAN, RS232, RS485, and Can port, support TCP/IP network protocol and PLC technology.

Multiple startup: startup mode can be selected from push button startup, slide cover startup, network startup, and can be freely chosen.

Language choice: The product comes standard with a Chinese operating interface, and optional multi-language interface to meet the use of domestic and foreign customers.

Intelligent: the system can be connected to the external Internet through the network interface to realize data interaction and resource sharing to meet the needs of the new generation of Internet of things

Modular: The test module is completely independent, according to the needs of serial or parallel testing, single-station or multi-station combination of test mode


Test Items: AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, inductance (optional)

One-stop testing for all setup items


Model No.   

AIP891X Series

Test items     

AC hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, inductance (optional)

Test subject       

UAV/Drone Motor Stator

Test bench     


AC hi-pot

Output voltage setting range/accuracy      

AC 500~3000V ±(2%×setting value+10V)

Breakdown current measurement range/accuracy      

0.10~20.00mA ±(2%×display value+0.05mA)

Test Time Range/Resolution       

0.5 to 999.9s 0.1s/step

ARC detection         

Level 1 to 9 (Level 9 is the highest sensitivity)

Hi-pot current preset alarm range     

Upper limit: 0.10~20.00mA; Lower limit: 0.00~20.00mA

Hi-pot current resolution          

0.01 mA

Insulation resistance

Output voltage setting range/accuracy      

DC 500V/1000V ±(2%×set value+10V)

Insulation resistance measurement range/accuracy  

1~500MΩ ≤100MΩ: ±(3%×display value+0.5MΩ); >100MΩ: ±(5%×display)   value +5MΩ)

Test Time Range/Resolution       

0.5 to 999.9s 0.1s/step

Insulation resistance alarm setting range     

Upper limit: 0~500MΩ; Lower limit: 1~100MΩ

Surge test

Output voltage setting range/accuracy       

500~3000V ±(3%×display value+8V)   

Waveform Comparison Program       

Area, area difference, corona, phase; test interface displays three surge waveforms

Sampling frequency         


DC Resistance Test

Measuring range and accuracy        

10.0mΩ~20KΩ ±(0.3%×displayed value+3 words) Temperature compensation can be set

Test Time Range/Resolution       

0~20s 0.1s/step

Measuring range/measuring accuracy        

-10.0℃~+50.0℃ ±0.5℃

Temperature compensation function        


Temperature probe/measuring range     

DS18b20  -10.0°C~+50.0°C

Inductance test (optional)

Test Frequency         


Test level     


Test range/basic accuracy        

1μH to 2H 0.5%

Fundamental Accuracy        


  • What is UAV/drone motor stator tester?

    The UAV/drone motor stator tester is a specialized equipment for evaluating and analyzing the motor stator components of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/drone). It ensures the reliability and performance of these critical components.

  • What are the main features of the UAV/drone motor stator tester?

    Typical features include high-accuracy testing capabilities for stator windings, insulation resistance measurements, core integrity checks, automated test sequences and comprehensive data analysis software for detailed reporting.

  • Why is stator testing important for UAV/drone motors?

    Stator testing is critical because it ensures the operational reliability and efficiency of drone motors. It helps identify potential faults or weaknesses in the stator windings, insulation, and core structure, thus preventing unexpected failures and optimizing maintenance schedules.

  • How does the UAV/drone motor stator tester contribute to UAV/drone safety?

    Through a comprehensive assessment of stator components, this test system improves UAV/drone safety by minimizing the risk of in-flight motor failure. It proactively maintains and ensures that motors operate within specified parameters, which is critical for safe and reliable UAV/drone operations.

  • What industries benefit from using UAV/drone motor stator testers?

    Industries such as aerospace, defense, research institutes, and UAV/drone manufacturers benefit from these systems. They rely on these systems to verify the quality of motors during the manufacturing process, to perform regular maintenance checks, and to verify the performance of motors in different environmental conditions.