Application site of armature rotor tester.

Armature rotor tester application site, AIP provides armature rotor tester for electric tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, small household appliances, automobiles, and other motors, AIP provides free motor testing solutions!

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February 02, 2023

Application site of armature rotor tester

Armature tester application site

The custom-made armature rotor inspection equipment for a motor company is in normal use.

Armature rotor inspection equipment is used in the last stage of armature rotor production and is the final link to ensure the quality of the rotor leaving the factory. This testing system, as one of the armature rotor automated production processes, can automatically identify the open and short circuits of solder joints and windings, winding errors, bad welding, etc. The test interface can accurately display the welding, inter-piece, and inter-span resistance values and the location of the wrong commutation piece, reducing the secondary error detection link and improving the testing efficiency. The testing data is automatically uploaded to the MES system, and at the same time can be connected to the network to achieve automatic storage of a large amount of data, which is convenient and quick to retrieve.

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