Alternative to saltwater testing for electric motors—Single point damage detection.

AIP single-point damage detection technology is not only fast test speed, the most important is no damage to the motor, can be used for production line batch tests, to ensure the quality of each motor.

February 17, 2023

Alternative to Saltwater Testing for Electric Motors—Winding Point Damage Detection

Motor (pinhole) saltwater test is a test method commonly used by motor manufacturers. The usual method is to use pure water or boiled water to make a saline solution with a concentration of about 0.2%, drop an appropriate amount of 3% phenolphthalein alcohol solution indicator, and place the motor stator directly in the adjusted saline solution. If there are pinholes on the enameled wire, Then an electrolytic reaction will occur at the pinhole, and H2 and OH- phenolphthalein will turn red when encountering OH-, which can indicate a pinhole. This method has the following three defects:

1. The speed is slow, and it takes 5-10 minutes to test a product, which is inefficient.

2. Can not be applied in batches, only spot checks can not cover all products, and the quality is still not guaranteed.

3. The cost is high. Since the stator of the motor can no longer be used after the test, it can only be scrapped, which is a large investment for the enterprise.

Salt water test of motor stator

Since the testing time of this solution is long, the cost is high, and it can only be used for random inspection, why is it still the method that motor manufacturers have been using for so many years? It is because the testing of this solution is accurate and reliable, and most importantly, there is no alternative in the market. A valid protocol for this trial.

AIP has been focusing on global motor testing since its inception and has continuously overcome some industry testing problems. Through years of R&D investment, it finally developed a technology comparable to saltwater testing in 2018 - the single-point breaking algorithm detection method, and then through continuous research and development. The optimization and improvement of the program have been maturely applied, and mass production has been achieved. It has reached batch cooperation with many domestic group companies and has won high praise from customers.

Winding Point Damage Stator Tester

AIP's winding point damage detection technology not only has a fast test speed but also has no damage to the motor. It can be used for batch testing of production lines to ensure the quality of each motor. AIP is a motor testing technology company. Escort, AIP people take the technology to serve the country as the ideal, unswervingly, and constantly strive!

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