Reasons and solutions for damage to the test driver board (circuit board) of the brushless DC motor.

AIP to share dc brushless motor test driver board (circuit board) damage causes and solutions.

February 17, 2023

Reasons and solutions for damage to the test driver board (circuit board) of the brushless DC motor

The DC internal drive brushless motor is composed of the motor and the built-in driver. In order to reduce the cost and simplify the circuit design of the built-in driver board, a relatively economical method is often used to realize the motor drive.

The traditional internal drive motor consists of 5 leads, Vm, Vcc, Vsp, FG, and GND. Each lead has a voltage peak limit. During the test power supply process, it is necessary to prevent high-voltage spike input, which will cause damage to the internal circuit due to overvoltage. And due to the difference in the motor internal driver chip and program design, it is necessary to supply power according to a fixed sequence.

BLDC motor     FCT

Damage reason:

1. The power-on and power-off timing of the driver board is incorrect, and the power supply waveforms of Vm, Vcc, and Vsp are crossed during the power supply process.

2. Accidentally unplug the motor terminal from the power supply during the test.

3. Introduce glitch spikes on low voltage circuits due to external disturbances caused by improper power control processes.

4. The discharge of the circuit is incomplete, causing the motor to be disconnected from the test terminal when there is electricity in the circuit.

In view of the above problems, our equipment has added a sequence setting diagram to the human-computer interaction interface, which can set the power-on and power-off sequence according to the customer's motor design characteristics, and increase the internal power control and feedback detection to ensure the sequence is normal; mature discharge scheme and power supply are adopted. The feedback detection module cooperates to ensure that the motor will be completely discharged after the test is completed; the scientific control method is used to ensure that the circuit has no burr spikes during operation; the mechanical structure adds a test protection device to avoid the possibility of the operator pulling out the terminal during the test process. sex.

Brushless motor test data waveform interface    Brushless motor test data waveform interface

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