The motor detection of electrical vehicles refers to the detection of whether the performance indicators of the motor conform to the national factory standards before leaving the factory.

Electrical vehicle motor stator detection mainly includes AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, coil inductance, and rotation.

February 17, 2023

What is new energy vehicle motor testing?

With the development of society and the support of national policies, the concept of green environmental protection has been deepened, and environmental protection and green travel have become more and more popular, which has prompted the concept of new energy vehicles to continue to rise. China's own brand new energy vehicles, like global new energy vehicle companies, continue to use technological strength to provide high-quality brand vehicles for green and environmentally friendly travel.

The development of new energy vehicles makes the development of the new energy vehicle motor industry go hand in hand. At this time, the performance of new energy vehicle motors needs to arouse our strong attention. What is new energy vehicle motor testing? New energy vehicle motor testing is the test before the motor leaves the factory. Before leaving the factory, the performance indicators of the motor are tested to see if it meets the national factory standards to ensure the performance of the new energy vehicle motor. Different types of motor test items are also different. AIP focuses on global motor testing, provides one-stop motor testing solutions, issues corresponding solutions according to customer needs, develops and produces special motor testing equipment, and provides intimate after-sales service. support.

Today, the editor of AIP will share with you a new energy vehicle motor stator tester:

New energy vehicle motor stator tester

(New energy vehicle motor stator tester)

The equipment test items mainly include: AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC resistance, coil inductance, and rotation,  It is mainly used to test the electrical comprehensive performance parameters of the motor stator of new energy vehicles. The system is equipped with tool table operation to achieve multi-functional one-stop testing. The test items can be increased or customized according to the product characteristics, and the surge test function can be selected to better improve the detection effect.

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