Wheel Motor Tester Shipped Successfully.

Wheel Motor Tester Shipped Successfully.

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January 08, 2024

Wheel Motor Tester Shipped Successfully

Recently, the wheel hub motor tester developed and customized by AIP for a well-known foreign enterprise has been successfully delivered. The delivery of this equipment means that AIP has stepped up to a new level in terms of its motor test equipment manufacturing capability and level.

1. Introduction of tester

This product applies to the electrical performance testing of wheel hub motors, which can effectively solve the problem of motor miswiring detection, one-stop testing to complete the left and right test items, stable, fast, efficient, and accurate, and has been applied to several well-known enterprises in batch.

AIP Wheel Hub Motor Tester

2. Hub motor comprehensive tester test items

Reverse electromotive force voltage, reverse electromotive force phase difference, Hall high and low level, duty cycle, phase difference, reverse electromotive force, and Hall phase difference.

Wheel Hub Motor

AIP has always followed the original intention, plowing into the motor test market, serving domestic and foreign customers in-depth, and doing its best to help the development of the motor industry. To become a world-renowned motor test equipment supplier continue to move forward...