Brushless motor tester for power tools delivered to customers.

Brushless motor tester for power tools delivered to customers.

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January 09, 2024

Brushless motor tester for power tools delivered to customers

Recently, AIP has successfully delivered a customized power tool brushless motor tester for a famous domestic customer. The successful delivery of this equipment is the embodiment of the orders that AIP has won again by product quality and service, which fully demonstrates the customer's recognition of AIP's products.

AIP brushless motor tester for power tools

Ⅰ.Introduction of tester

This tester is suitable for split power tools brushless motor performance testing, customized high-precision tooling fixtures, stator and rotor combination into a whole machine, to protect the stability and accuracy of the test, one-button to complete the setup project, easy to operate, high efficiency, a good choice for power tools brushless motor testing.

Brushless motors for power tools

Ⅱ.Power tool motor test solution

Power tools motor test solutions cover armature rotor tester, motor stator tester, DC motor tester, power tools safety tester, brushless motor stator/rotor tester, one-piece external/internal rotor brushless motor tester, split brushless motor no-load tester, dynamometer intelligent tester and so on. AIP has been deeply cultivated in the motor testing industry for many years, with technical accumulation and quality certification systems, benefiting from comprehensive motor testing solutions to help customers improve product and brand competitiveness.

Power tool motor test solution

Professionalism is our persistence; refinement is our attitude. In recent years, AIP has been improving the core competitiveness of its products, and has developed and produced one product after another to meet the market needs according to the actual needs of customers. In the future, AIP will be based on a new starting point, seize new opportunities, with a more proactive attitude, more keen vision, more open-minded, more powerful bear, and strive to create more brilliant performance for the motor industry to bring more benefits and benefits for the development of motor testing and make new achievements!

For more details about the brushless motor tests for power tools, please contact AIP via Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13969776659, E-mail:, we will be glad to help you!