What is the stator of a universal motor?

AIP shares with you the"What is the stator of a universal motor".

November 18, 2023

What is the stator of a universal motor

When discussing the components of a Universal Motor, we will inevitably talk about the Stator. So what exactly is a stator? What is its role in a Universal Motor? In this article, we will analyze the stator and its functions of the universal motor in detail.

Ⅰ.The definition and composition of the stator

The stator is an important part of the motor, usually a series of coils or windings of the fixed part, these coils or windings are installed in the non-rotating part of the motor, i.e., the motor case. In general-purpose motors, the stator is usually made of silicon steel sheets laminated together to reduce iron losses and enhance magnetic field stability.

Universal motor stator

Ⅱ.The role of the stator in general-purpose motors

In general-purpose motors, the main function of the stator is to generate a rotating magnetic field. When current passes through the coils of the stator, a magnetic field is generated in the stator. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field in the rotor (the rotating part of the motor) and causes the rotor to turn. Therefore, the stator is the key part that drives the rotation of the motor.

III. How the stator affects the performance of a general-purpose motor

The design of the stator affects many of the performance parameters of a general-purpose motor, including the motor's efficiency, power factor, starting torque, and operating speed. For example, increasing the number of coils in the stator or changing its wire cross-sectional area can change the motor's resistance and inductance, which in turn affects the motor's performance.


In summary, the stator is a key component of a general-purpose motor, and its primary responsibility is to generate the magnetic field that drives the motor's rotation. The design and adjustment of the stator can optimize the performance of the motor for different applications. Therefore, understanding the stator and its role in general-purpose motors is essential for those who design, manufacture, and apply motors.

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