What is the no-load test for a BLDC motor?

AIP shares with you the" What is the no-load test for a BLDC motor?".

October 25, 2023

What is the no load test for a BLDC motor?

The brushless motor no-load test is a method of testing the performance of a motor without load. This test method helps us to understand the no-load performance parameters of the motor, such as voltage, current, speed, etc., and then evaluate its overall performance. In this paper, we will introduce the principle, method, and application of no-load testing of brushless motors in detail.

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I. Principle of Brushless Motor No-Load Test

The principle of the no-load test of a brushless motor is to evaluate its no-load performance by measuring the voltage, current, speed, and other parameters of the motor. During the testing process, the motor does not carry any load and runs entirely by its own inertia. This test method can effectively reflect the motor's no-load loss, speed stability control accuracy, and other aspects of performance.

Ⅱ. brushless motor no-load test method

The brushless motor no-load test requires the use of specialized test equipment and instruments, such as AIP's BLDC motor no-load tester. The test parameters mainly include no-load voltage, no-load current, no-load power, rotational speed, rotational direction, FG, Vcc, and Vsp.

The specific test steps are as follows:

■ Connect the brushless motor with the test equipment and make sure the power supply is properly connected.

■ Place the motor to be tested on the equipment workpiece correctly, turn on the power, and log in to the account.

■ Set the passing range of the index to be tested and observe the data.

Evaluate the no-load performance of the brushless motor by analyzing the test results.

Ⅲ.Application of Brushless Motor No-Load Test

The brushless motor no-load test can be applied to the following aspects:

Motor design optimization: By testing different designs of brushless motors, the deficiencies in the design can be found, so as to optimize the design of the motor.

Manufacturing quality testing: By testing different batches of brushless motors with no-load testing, problems in the manufacturing process can be detected, thus improving product quality.

Control strategy verification: Through a no-load test, the control strategy of the brushless motor can be verified whether it is reasonable, so as to ensure its normal operation.


The no-load test of a brushless motor is one of the important means to evaluate its performance. By conducting a no-load test and analyzing the results, we can understand whether the design of the motor is reasonable, whether the manufacturing quality is up to standard, and whether the control strategy is reasonable. This is important for optimizing motor design and improving product quality.

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