AIP shares with you the" Test principle for die-cast rotor tester".

July 04, 2023

Test principle for die-cast rotor tester

The article "The significance of die-cast rotors test" says the problem and significance may happen in the production progress for die-cast rotors. Today the editor of AIP will share how to test die-case rotors and what the principles to test die-case rotors are for people.

The die-cast rotor is a "passive part" in the operation of the motor, it does not have its own lead end, so how to collect its internal parameters and judge them, how analyze the data collected to detect defective products, how to combine with the production line process and efficiency requirements to make it achieve mass production?  The following AIP will explain it with AIP die-cast rotor tester.

In 2012, AIP cooperated with Japan on die-cast rotor test technology, through continuous optimization and improvement of the technology, making it more suitable for production line mass production and laboratory research, ensuring high precision, easier clamping, and faster testing, achieving high efficiency and precision to test die-cast rotors.

It can automatically complete all project tests after the start button. optional grating protection, a die-cast rotor tester can detect all the rotor product problems such as broken bars, thin bars, bubbles, air holes, sand eyes, cast aluminum defective, etc. full-featured die-cast rotor tester is added to test the end ring defective, to achieve a full range of rotor detection, fast and accurate detection of quality problems in the production of the die-cast rotor.

The test interface of die-cast rotor tester - AIP

The test results are quantified and the upper and lower limits can be set for parameters such as maximum value, minimum value, comprehensive value, slope, resistance reactance, etc. All parameters are collected from the core component of the tester - the sensor, the software, and the hardware of this tester are developed and completed by AIP independently, patent protection, the sensor sampling module collects the test signal and then carries out data processing, each aluminum bar corresponds to have a complete Each aluminum bar corresponds to a complete sine wave signal. The data and waveform of a defective rotor deviate from the qualified product, and the quality of the rotor product is judged by the set upper and lower limits, which is the principle of the die-cast rotor test.

AIP die-cast rotor tester has automatic and manual two modes and can be combined with the rotor line custom automation test module, this mode can ensure that the enterprise does not increase the premise of artificial increase testing process, improve product quality, provide enterprise brand image, at present the tester not only sells well in China but also exported to Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries, has been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

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