The significance of die-cast rotors test.

AIP shares with you"The significance of die-cast rotors test".

June 15, 2023

The significance of die-cast rotors test

Die-cast rotor refers to the rotor of an AC asynchronous motor. It is called a squirrel cage rotor because it is shaped like a squirrel cage. According to the casting material, it is divided into cast copper and cast aluminum. The most common material is cast aluminum, although Cast aluminum rotors are very common, but their testing is not common. Every exhibition, AIP die-cast aluminum rotor tester will attract a large number of visitors. The most common question is how to test.

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Everyone asked the above question to explain that there is no testing process in the production process of die-cast rotors, so before answering this question, let’s discuss what is the significance of the test of die-cast rotors. Need to know how to measure it. The answer is obvious. Testing is definitely meaningful, but it has not been accepted by the industry, or industry acceptance requires a process. We all know that the requirements for motor testing were very low at the earliest, and many companies may just make a withstand voltage test. , and then slowly with the development of the industry, motor testing is becoming more and more stringent, and the standards are getting higher and higher. Die-cast rotors are also going through such a process now. The current production status of the cast aluminum rotor is that the rotor is assembled into a complete machine after the production is completed. If the rotor is defective, it depends on the test of the complete machine to detect it on the transfer line. This process involves a number of questions:

1, the motor test is not qualified, can you determine if the rotor problem - no

2, know is the rotor problem, can you know what is the problem - no

3, know the rotor problem, can you know how to solve the problem - no

sum it up, you can’t accurately judge whether it’s a rotor problem. It is impossible to find the root of the problem and solve it. In the final analysis, there is no data support and a lack of data analysis. The die-cast rotor tester was born to solve these problems, which is also the meaning of the rotor test.

AIP die-cast rotor tester test interface                       AIP die-cast rotor tester test interface

In 2012, AIP and Japan ES carried out technical cooperation on the die-cast rotor testing project, developed testing equipment suitable for China's production process requirements, and accurately tested broken bars, thin bars, bubbles, pores, bad cast aluminum, trachoma, and bad end rings of the rotor. It can be used online/offline/automated line, the test results can be digitized, and the range of upper and lower amplitudes can be set. After passing the test, defective products can be detected in the rotor production process to avoid flowing to the next process and wasting manpower. , material resources, through data analysis, it is easy to find the problem point, solve the problem from the root cause, and ensure product quality and corporate brand. At present, many motor companies have adopted AIP die-cast rotor testers for an online full inspection and exported them to Thailand, etc. Several countries have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers, which is the best illustration of the international recognition of AIP's testing technology.

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