Die-cast rotor tester price.

AIP shares with you the" Die-cast rotor tester price".

July 06, 2023

Die-cast rotor tester price

As most motor manufacturers, we know that the stator and motor must be tested as if the die-cast rotor is not tested. the reality is indeed this, time back 20 years ago, the stator is also not tested, mainly because now the technology has progressed, everyone's quality awareness has improved, after all, now is the era of supply exceeds demand, and there is no market for products of poor quality. For the same reason, I believe the rotor is also one of the required procedures in the near future.

Die-cast rotor

In view of the fact that the application of die-cast rotor tester is not yet common, we know little about it, and the editor of AIP will simply give you a knowledge popularization of the main price affecting factors of die-cast rotor tester: brand and function.

Ⅰ. Brand

1. Foreign brands. such as delta which tester prices mainly about hundreds of thousands, but there is no contained service cost and time cost, etc.

2. Domestic brand. The tester price is generally started at about a hundred thousand, and the after-sales cost is far lower than that of foreign countries.

The price difference between domestic and foreign so much, is the domestic tester quality assurance? In fact, the domestic tester price is low mainly because we have the advantage of material cost and labor cost, as well as the advantage of after-sales cost, this does not mean that we have low quality, to the domestic brand AIP, for example, the annual shipment is several times the international brand, customer reputation says it all.



1、If only detects the guide bar is bad, such as broken bar, thin bar, air bubble porosity, etc., which is often referred to as conventional testing, then the tester price is relatively low.

2, If the test guide and end ring, the tester structure is much more complex, the cost is also much higher, and the test time is also long. then the final price of the tester is also much higher.

3. Due to different specifications motors has different tooling, and the price is also greatly affected, so the size of the motor needs to be provided when the quotation is made so that the final quotation will be more accurate.

The test interface of roter tester

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