New Energy Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer.

New Energy Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer.

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January 09, 2024

New Energy Vehicle Motor Stator Tester Successfully Delivered to Customer

Recently, AIP has successfully delivered the customized stator tester for new energy vehicle motors to a famous Chinese company. This batch delivery has greatly improved the motor testing capacity and the efficiency of the motor factory test of the enterprise, and the customer's recognition is the biggest affirmation and trust in AIP.

AIP New Energy Vehicle Motor Stator Tester

Ⅰ.Introduction of tester

The equipment is suitable for rapid and accurate testing of stator electrical performance parameters of new energy vehicle motors, realizing multi-functional one-stop testing, and the test items can be increased, decreased, or customized according to the product characteristics and needs, with the option of large surge test function, to improve the detection effect better!

New Energy Vehicle Motor Stator

Ⅱ.New energy motor test solution

New energy vehicle motor test solution covers new energy vehicle motor stator tester, cast aluminum/copper rotor tester, motor large surge tester, automotive powertrain tester, AC asynchronous motor tester, permanent magnet synchronous motor tester, power dynamometer test system, and so on. AIP, to truly realize your one-stop motor testing needs, AIP to the spirit of craftsmanship, down-to-earth products, and quality to create a model of excellence.

New energy motor test solution

Over the years, AIP has been adhering to keeping pace with the times, continuous development, product development, adhering to the concept of pioneering innovation, and continuing to promote the motor test technology upgrades, but also to bringing quality services to customers, adhering to the bottom line of quality, to build a good brand, to promote the enterprise to continue to move forward. In the future, AIP will continue to remember the original intention, forge ahead, promote the development of the motor industry, and provide customers with more professional testing solutions and unremitting efforts.

For more details of new energy motor testing solutions, please contact AIP via Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13969776659, E-mail:, we will be glad to help you!