AIP’s fan motor tester was delivered to the customer.

AIP’s fan motor tester was delivered to the customer

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January 30, 2024

AIP’s fan motor tester delivered to the customer

Recently, AIP has successfully delivered the customized tester for a fan motor for a famous motor manufacturer in China. The delivery of this equipment is the crystallization of AIP's wisdom and technological breakthroughs, which marks that AIP's motor tester manufacturing capacity and level have stepped to a new level.

AIP fan motor tester

I. Introduction of tester

This equipment is suitable for the EC fan motor electrical performance comprehensive test, a clamping can quickly complete the preset items of the test, using a customized chemical position design and test program, widely used in the fan industry. This equipment is the first time to apply the reverse electromotive force (REV) testing technology in the fan industry by speed reduction method, effectively improving the customer's motor testing capability and enhancing the customer's competitiveness and brand influence in the fan industry.

Fan motor

Ⅱ.  Fan motor test solution

Fan motor test solution covers fan motor stator tester, fan motor AC/DC hi-pot & insulation analyzer, fan motor vacuum tester, fan motor coil point damage tester, fan motor loading tester, AC/EC/DC fan motor tester, dynamometer intelligent tester and so on. AIP truly realizes your one-stop motor testing needs, AIP to the spirit of craftsmanship, down-to-earth products, and quality to create a model of excellence.

Fan motor test solutions

Relying on an in-depth understanding of the market, customer needs and continuous innovation in technology and marketing models, AIP will focus more on the field of motor testing, always adhere to the provision of the customized full range of products and the whole chain of after-sales service, all-round service for all types of motor production and construction, to provide customers around the world with high quality, high security, more affordable motor testing systems, and services! Committed to developing AIP to become a global company in the motor testing industry!