How to test ac blower motor?

AIP shares with you the" How to test ca blower motor?".

October 19, 2023

How to test ac blower motor?

I. Introduction to the blower

A blower is a widely used device in industrial and commercial applications that draws air in through mechanical movement and then discharges it through pressure. The main function of a blower is to provide air circulation and pressure to ensure the proper functioning of various equipment and systems. Depending on the application scenario, blowers can be designed into different types such as centrifugal blowers, axial flow blowers and Roots blowers.

ac blower motor

Ⅱ. The blower often encountered faults

Blowers may encounter some failures during use that affect their performance and efficiency. The following are some common faults and their treatment:

- Blower does not rotate or the speed is too low: may be due to insufficient power supply voltage, capacitor damage, winding short circuit or open circuit, bearing seized or worn. The power supply line should be checked, capacitors should be replaced, windings should be repaired, and bearings should be lubricated or replaced.

- Excessive or abnormal blower noise: It may be caused by loose, deformed, or damaged blades, worn or damaged bearings, blocked inlet and outlet, or excessive resistance. The blades should be tightened or replaced, bearings replaced, imports and exports cleaned or piping adjusted.

- Blower temperature rise is too high or overheating: may be due to excessive load, high oil level, oil deterioration, poor heat dissipation, and other reasons. Should reduce the load, adjust the oil level, replace the oil, and improve the heat dissipation conditions.

- Insufficient or erratic blower exhaust: This may be due to clogged inlet filters, leaking or excessive resistance in the piping, or worn or damaged vanes. Filters should be cleaned or replaced, piping checked and repaired, and blades replaced.

Ⅲ.Blower Test Methods

AIP specializes in global motor testing and provides one-stop motor testing solutions, and now has a complete set of blower fan motor test solutions.

As there are many types of fans, fan motors are divided into household motors and industrial fan motors according to the application environment, and single-phase fan motors and three-phase fan motors according to the type of power supply. According to the structure of the motors, they are divided into induction motors and countless motors, and therefore the test equipment corresponds to them:

Single/three-phase AC motors: motor stator tesers, cast aluminum rotor testtesers and motor tesers.

Brushless motors: motor stator tesers, motor permanent magnet rotor tesers, motor control tesers, and motor loading tesers, as well as dynamometer tesers for laboratory use.

Motor production process: online or offline testing is optional.

Test items include AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, multi-speed power, low voltage test, overvoltage test, loading test, FG test, etc.

AIP ac blower motor test solutions

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IV. Summary

This article introduces the basic concepts of blowers, common failures, and treatments, as well as AIP's test program for blowers, and we hope this article will be helpful to you.