ac motor testing

AIP shares with you the" ac motor testing?".

October 19, 2023

ac motor testing

I. Concept of AC motor

AC motor plays an indispensable role in today's society, it is a kind of electromagnetic device that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy, and its working principle is to utilize the rotating magnetic field between the stator and rotor to generate driving torque and make the rotor rotate. There are many types of AC motors, common asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, single-phase motors, three-phase motors, etc., which have different applications on different occasions.

AC motor

Ⅱ. The application of AC motors

AC motors have a wide range of roles in life, for example:

In the family, many household appliances are driven by AC motors, such as washing machines, fans, hair dryers, blenders, air conditioners, and so on.

In industry, AC motors are the main power source of various mechanical equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, cranes, conveyors, and so on.

In transportation, AC motors also have important applications, such as trains, subways, and electric vehicles.

In agriculture, AC motors can also be used to drive agricultural machinery, such as water pumps, harvesters, planters, etc.

The application of ac motor tester

Ⅲ. The common failure of AC motors

AC motors in the process of use, there may be some faults, affecting its normal operation. The common failures are as follows:

Difficulty or inability to start the motor: this may be caused by unstable power supply voltage, wrong wiring or poor contact, short-circuit or broken winding, worn or jammed bearings, and so on.

Abnormal noise or vibration from the motor: this may be caused by bearing damage or poor lubrication, rotor eccentricity or touching the stator, stator loosening or deformation, gear wear or misalignment, and so on.

Motor overheating or smoke: this may be caused by excessive or light load, poor ventilation or damaged fan, overloaded or short-circuited windings, aged or damaged insulation, etc.

Ⅳ.AC motor testing

In order to ensure the normal operation and service life of AC motors, AIP has mature AC motor testing technology, and the AC motor tester is now widely used by domestic and foreign customers.

AC motot tester

The motor test items of this equipment mainly include AC Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, DC winding resistance, no-load characteristics, low voltage start, locked rotor, rotation, and PG characteristics.

The equipment has the following functional characteristics:

■ Easy-to-operate: 10.4-inch LCD, two kinds of operation are available: touch screen and numeric key, User-friendly interface and each function comes up with help document.

■ Easy-to-remain: supports intelligent self-inspection, remote failure diagnosis, and online software upgrading, Inserable card design makes it easy to disassemble and replace.

■ Easy-to-use: professional test software, User-friendly operation interface, built-in help documents, high-performance touch, and numeric keyboard as standard.

■ Multiple interfaces: the instrument comes with USB, LAN(can be converted to RS232, RS485, etc.)port, support TCP/IP network protocol, and PLC simulation technology, Instrument control, and expansion are quite easy.

■ Multiple startup models: button startup, sliding cover startup, and network startup are available.

■ Language support: different language options to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

■ Intellectualization: the system can be connected to the external through the internet port to achieve data interaction and resource sharing, meeting the requirements of the new generation of the internet.

■ Modular card design: independent testing module card, different function has different cards.

For the use of the equipment operation, we are equipped with product instruction manuals and remote assistance guides.

Ⅴ. Summary

In conclusion, the AC motor is a commonly used electromagnetic device, which has an important role in life. In order to ensure the performance and longevity of AC motors, they need to be tested and maintained on a regular basis. This article introduces the basic concepts, common failures, and testing methods of AC motors, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about AC motors or other motor testers, you can contact AIP via Tel/Whatsapp: +86-13969776659, E-mail:, thanks for reading.