How to distinguish between brushless motors and brushed motors

AIP shares for you"How to distinguish between brushless motors and brushed motors"

February 02, 2023

How to distinguish between brushless motors and brushed motors

 AIP is a high-tech enterprise focusing on global motor testing, providing intelligent testing products such as stator testing, motor testing, cast aluminum rotor testing, armature rotor testing, and dynamometer testing for the global motor industry. Based on the testing of the motor, a certain understanding of the motor is required. Today, the editor of AIP will teach you a trick - how to distinguish between brushless motors and brushed motors...

Brushless motor and brush motor

The difference between brushless motor and brushed motor

1. Scope of application

Brushless motor: It is usually used on equipment with high control requirements and high speed, such as model aircraft.

Brushed motor: Usually, power equipment uses brushed motors, such as hair dryers, factory motors, household range hoods, and so on. In addition, the speed of the series motor can also be very high, but because the brushed motor will be worn out, the service life is shorter than that of the brushless motor.

2. Service life

Brushless motor: Usually the service life is about tens of thousands of hours, and the service life of brushless motor bearings is also very different.

Brushed motor: Usually, the continuous working life of a brushed motor is hundreds to more than 1,000 hours. When the limit of use is reached, the carbon brush needs to be replaced, otherwise, it is easy to cause bearing wear.

3. Use the effect

Brushless motor: usually digital frequency conversion control, strong controllability, from a few revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily realized.

Brushed motor: The brushless motor generally operates at a constant speed after starting, and it is difficult to adjust the speed. The series motor can also reach 20,000 rpm, but the service life will be relatively short.

4. Energy saving: Brushless motors are controlled by frequency conversion technology, which saves a lot of energy than series motors. The most typical brushless motors are inverter air conditioners and refrigerators.

5. Routine maintenance: brushed motors need to be replaced with carbon brushes, if the replacement is not timely, the motor will be damaged; brushless motors basically do not require daily maintenance, but once the motor is damaged, it cannot be used again; long service life, usually 10 of the brushed motors. times more than.

6. Noise: It has nothing to do with whether it is a brushed motor or not, it mainly depends on the cooperation between the bearing and the internal components of the motor.

7. A brushed motor means that the motor inputs DC power and the controller only needs to provide a large and small current to adjust the speed; a brushless motor is a three-phase AC motor, and the DC power is converted into a three-phase AC power by the controller, and according to the sensor Hall in the motor The components are commutated to make the motor run normally. In general, brushless motors have a longer life, a stronger start, and save power than brushed motors, but the cost of the controller is higher than that of brushed controllers.

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