Four steps to teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors.

AIP shares for you "Four steps to teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors"

February 02, 2023

Four steps to teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors

The electric vehicle motor is like the "heart" of an electric vehicle. The same set of 12AH36V lead-acid batteries can run an extra 10-16 kilometers with a high-quality, high-efficiency motor. Therefore, when purchasing an electric vehicle, you must pay attention to choosing high-quality accessories. So how can we distinguish the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors?

The motor is sealed, to fundamentally determine whether it's good or bad, you need to use certain external tools, such as the universal table (generally sold on the market for 50 yuan), in addition to the use of professional tools, we can also judge from the appearance of materials and general performance.

The above method can be simply outlined as one look, two listen, three touch, and four tests.

First look: look at the shell

First of all, the motor with good outer plating work usually has a bright appearance, and the appearance of the refurbished motor is gray and dull. Then you can look at the motor trademark. Large motor manufacturers attach great importance to brand development and generally mark the motor trademark. This is a reflection of brand quality. Finally, you can see whether the motor has 3C certification, and the motor that meets the industry specifications will be more secure.

Second Listening: Listening Power

During the test drive, consumers can listen to whether the power is sufficient when starting with a load. The lack of power is likely to be caused by cutting corners on the motor coils.

Third touch: Touch the temperature

Consumers can feel the temperature of the motor by hand after it stops. The lower the temperature, the better the heat dissipation of the motor and the better the performance.

Forth detection: detection of resistance

Check the quality of the AC three-phase motor

Shake the meter test, a 500V shaker can be used. Test the insulation resistance of the wires on the three terminals to the motor casing. If the resistance is greater than 0.5MΩ, it means that there is no short circuit to ground.

Check the quality of the AC single-phase motor

1. Use a 500V megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the motor winding and the casing, which is greater than 0.5 megohm; use a multimeter to measure each lead of the winding, and there is no disconnection. If the above requirements are met, the motor performance is better

2. It is more convenient to use a pointer multimeter to detect capacitors (there are also digital meters with capacitance files, which can be measured directly).

Turn the multimeter to 1K or 10K resistance gear, and measure the 2 leads of the capacitor. The needle quickly deflects to the right, and then slowly returns to the left capacitor, indicating that the capacitor is good; it always deflects to the right, indicating that the capacitor has been broken down; the pointer does not move, indicating that the capacitor is broken or has no capacity.

Check the quality of the DC motor

Use a multimeter to measure the inter-chip voltage between the commutators. If the inter-chip voltage between any two chips has the same law, the winding is normal.

The above are some common methods for judging the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors. For ordinary consumers, the fourth method is more complicated, and the first three are more practical.

The electric vehicle test system produced by AIP is mainly used for fast and accurate testing of the electrical performance of the motor stator and the motor of new energy vehicles. The system is equipped with a tooling table, and the test items can be increased or decreased according to product characteristics and needs. After the test is completed, the qualified and unqualified indicators and sound and light alarms are given, which can realize a multi-functional one-stop test, which is an ideal choice for the motor test of new energy vehicles.

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