How long is the time of motor test in a vacuum circumstance?

AIP shares with you"How long is the time of motor test in a vacuum circumstance?".

June 01, 2023

How long is the time of motor test in a vacuum circumstance?

It can effectively increase the detection rate and improve product quality under vacuum environment to test motor stators. Still, people are also curious about how long the motor to test in a vacuum.  It will reduce productivity when testing the motor for a long time, which affects corporate profits. so the editor of AIP will help you solve this question.

The motor vacuum test time mainly includes test time, vacuum time, and cylinder execution time. The test items include AC Hi-pot, Insulation resistance, DC resistance, Surge, Reverse embedded wiring, and Rotation. The test time of different manufacturers’ testers is extra. , AIP uses modular design, high-speed sampling, parallel testing, and other technologies to continuously optimize and improve the production process. In a non-vacuum environment, the single-phase single-speed motor test takes only about 4 seconds to complete. In a vacuum environment, The test time of single-phase single-speed motor is only about 6 seconds. It is believed that this cycle time is enough to meet the requirements of most production lines. In order to further improve the test cycle time, APT has developed a double-station parallel test. Does not affect, through years of precipitation and technology research and development, AIP has explored testing solutions suitable for motors in different industries .

Stator vacuum tester

Continuously improving the quality of motor testing, reducing testing time, and striving for greater profits for customers is the best interpretation of AIPs "customer-centric" corporate philosophy. It has won the trust of many customers with quality and service. Now the vacuum tester has been used in Large enterprises such as Welling Group have used more than 1,000 units online, striving for perfection, not just better. AIP always adheres to the development concept of "quality first, quality first", wins the future with the brand as the facts speak, and provides global motor companies with a For station motor testing solutions, choosing AIP means choosing to rest assured.

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